Grant Proposal - Quest Chains

Project Title

Quest Chains


We are building a gamified learning & onboarding platform.

The platform enables both creation and completion of quest chains, which is a gamified equivalent of courses.

Quest chains are composed of quests, which can be completed by submitting a proof of completion. Upon getting all of the submissions approved the user becomes eligible to mint a soulbound NFT which serves as a certificate of competence. The quester profiles show a gallery of acquired NFTs and any pending actions.

During the quest chain creation process one can make a 2D or 3D design or upload a custom image for the NFT the questers will be able to mint after completing all of its quests. Quest chain owners are able to set up roles of the chain, which have cascading permissions. Admins can create and edit quest chains and quests. Editors can create, edit quests, disable and enable them. Reviewers can accept or reject submitted proof of quest completion.


By creating this fully decentralised system we hope to empower quest givers and questers of web3 mainly to bring a unified & fun structure to DAO onboarding & generally provide a flexible system to create any kind of a set of tasks.
It is a system meant to work with a human beings curiosity, competitiveness and desire to be seen by their community. Gamified interfaces with simple and intuitive design have high success. Various web3 learning platforms out there do focus on each of the above elements but not all of them simultaneously. What is especially lacking is a ranking and levelling up system that presents user progress that can be shared to a whole social network via their profile. We believe gamification will facilitate the next cohort of individuals to learn and engage with Web3. Learning & engaging will become rewarding, as people will receive rewards for their completed quest chains. It will become accumulative. People will build their on chain history or credentials by completing quests making the things they spend on today, valuable to their future in a way that is transparent and easy to see. They will build their digital identity and become proud of the things they accomplish, wanting to show the world the NFT’s they’ve collected.


  1. The DAO onboarding is a mess.
  2. Currently there is no platform in the web3 space that would combine the following:
  • creation of courses
  • completion of courses
  • attribution of certificates of completion
  • profiles to showcase one’s progress
  • integration of its system into other apps


We would like to primarily provide a tool to standardise DAO onboarding through a fun, gamified questing process, while simultaneously extending the functionality of our system to any other possible applications which can be wrapped into a questing form - including, but not limited to:

  • Courses
  • Playbooks
  • Application forms
  • General quests (free-floating, not bound to any quest chain)
  • Unlockable quest chains
  • Integration into any web3 game through our upcoming SDK

Product Features


The permissions of creator roles are cascading.
This means the owners have all permissions of admins, admins have all permissions of editors and editors have all permissions of reviewers.
Owners can add and remove other owners, admins, editors and reviewers. Admins can add and remove editors and reviewers.

Member roles:

  • Owners - creator of the quest chain, has all permissions
  • Admins - can create and edit quest chains and quests
  • Editors - can edit the contents of the quest chain along, can create & edit quests
  • Reviewers - can accept or reject submitted proof of quest completion

In the quest chain creation process the owner is able to specify the name & description (markdown enabled) of the quest chain and upload a cover image. They are then taken to the screen where they can build their own 2D or 3D NFT out of its predefined subcomponents or upload their custom picture will be awarded to the user by completing all of the quests in the quest chain. We plan to make the cosmetic upgrades payable.

Completion & Rewards

The quester will be able to participate in completing the given quest chain by submitting proof of completion of a particular quest by uploading most any type of media and a description. The quester’s proof can get accepted or rejected by everyone who is a member of a quest chain. If it gets rejected they can re-submit it. Once all of the submissions for all of the quests inside a quest chain get accepted, the quester receives a prompt that their NFT is ready to be minted. The quester can then proceed by minting their NFT which will get displayed in their user profile’s gallery.


Because all of the actions happen on-chain, it would get really bothersome to make a transaction in the case of creating a quest chain with many quests or trying to review hundreds or thousands of quest completion submissions, that’s why we will implement batch actions for the following:

  • quest creation - ability to to create multiple quests in a single transaction
    • in the quest chain wizard
    • in the quest chain member overview
  • quest editing
  • proof of completion submissions reviewing
  • submitting multiple proofs in a single transaction

The contract PR has already been merged, we still need to implement the UI adjustments for it.


We want to build a system which would enable its integration into other dApps. For example some DAOs would like to integrate the questing system into their own app (give for example Metagame’s MyMeta:, which will be the first to integrate it) because of their distinct app visual style and the wish to build a unified platform on their own, without the need to navigate to multiple apps.
There are multiple interesting possibilities to explore by creating an integratable system, one of which is also adding so called boosts to DAOHaus’ DAO creation process. Although we already have a couple of ongoing conversations with dapps which are interested in integrating our system, would need a marketing person and/or a PM who could provide us with an insight into what all is possible and viable, so we consider this to be the next step of our app’s development.

Next steps

After we are done developing the SDK, we will consider the dapp to be feature complete and will be able to start playing around with a ton of exciting features.

We plan to bootstrap a DAO through Y33T in the upcoming weeks & expand our team, eventually recruit a PM and/or a biz dev and start marketing our tool. Importantly, we will keep our tool’s core functionality forever FREE, because we believe that sharing and gaining knowledge should not be exclusive to anyone.

Validation & Progress

The POC of the app was built over the DAOHacks EthGlobal weekend hackathon from 8-10th of April & was selected to be one of the 10 finalists (and also received an IPFS pool prize)

We were asked to submit the project to Encode’s DAOHack hackathon where we received one of the pool prizes (500$).

Soon afterwards Dave joined the team and brought the design of our app to the next level.

At the start of July we signed the approved FileCoin grant proposal and implemented the 2D, 3D and custom NFT badge uploading feature.

Next up we will do usability testing and create & implement the first version of our SDK into MetaOS.

Differentiation (from other projects)

There are a few main differences.

Fully decentralised

Our database is built with IPFS. We use no 3rd party centralised services.

Completely open source

We like to keep everything transparent, this includes our code & our development conversations.

Super flexible

In addition to building a platform which enables both creation and completion of courses we want to build an SDK so anyone will be able to harness its functionality directly in their app.


  • Dave is a seasoned UX/UI designer who is extremely passionate about his work (in fact we are all very passionate about what we do :slightly_smiling_face:), he is very patient and knowledgeable.
  • Dan has dedicated his life to working as a full stack web3 developer in DAOs, which he believes are the future of work. He’s also an active member of Raid Guild.
  • Beti is a graphic design student who’s in love with 3D and digital art in general.
  • I (Vid) want to help build a better future and have continuously contributed to MetaGame for the past ~10 months while working professionally as a FE developer for the past 5 years.
  • Parv is a Solidity dev who has vast experience in writing and auditing smart contracts. He is our newest member.

Grant Request $


What the Funds Are For

Development of the upcoming features - 35.000$

We would like to keep developing the app and as mentioned, after we implement the SDK and start integrating it into other apps, we have a whole bunch of ideas on what we would like to build next.

  • To add competitiveness, we would like to introduce some XP, ranks and leaderboards.
  • Batch actions, which will enable
    • creating & editing of multiple quests with a single transaction
    • accepting/rejecting & submitting multiple proofs of completion with a single transaction
  • We want to introduce new quest chain types
    • private
    • unlockable
    • expirable
    • single quests
  • General UI improvements
    • Notifications to users
      • only to subscribers (people that are paying to maintain our server)
      • on the app / email / discord bot
    • Customisable / Premium profiles
      • superfluid stream
      • progressively increasing rank (every x months ?)
      • Avatars & Evolutions
    • Unifying the design
  • DAOHaus boost integration

Outreach - 15.000$

We want to build a community of both contributors and users of our app.

We want to reach out to as many DAOs as possible and make Quest Chains the standard go-to app for DAO onboarding. By mass adoption and getting revenue from payable features, we will be able to eventually become self-sustainable.

Help Requested

We mainly want to get help with

  • building the community
  • spreading the word about our tool

Additional Resources, Links, Portfolio

DAO tooling doesn’t seem like the best use of the remaining Moloch funding. appreciate the interest and the request