Grant Proposal: PoignART [Humanitarian Aid]

Project Title


(Derived from poignard meaning “thin, sharp dagger" - just as the poignard pierces through armor into the heart, PoignART pierces through apathy to ignite your sense of empathy.)


PoignART helps artists create non-fungible tokens (NFT) to support humanitarian aid in Ukraine. 100% of proceeds go to rapid assistance through Unchain Fund, which has raised over $7.5 million in just one month.

As a collector, philanthropist, or NFT ape, your purchase is a badge of honor. Your money goes fully and directly to people in need. The smart contract behind PoignART makes it impossible for our team to ever touch your money.

If you wish, you can resell the NFT for yourself. Every time an NFT is resold, 2.5% of the sale goes to Unchain Fund. Therefore, each work of art is a gift that keeps on giving!

We stand against virtue signaling, opaque money management, and middlemen taking a cut. NFTs are transparent, verifiable, and traceable. PoignART is, and will always be, run by volunteers.


Freedom is under attack. Creators are fighting back! Art has always made the world a better place. We call upon the artists of the world to donate their work in the name of extending a helping hand to humanity.

We at PoignART are united around one strategic goal: to help Ukrainian people defend the freedom and sovereignty of their country and shield the entire world from an aggressor in the face of Russian state aggression led by Vladimir Putin. We do not stand against the people of Russia - we stand with Ukrainian people who suffer unfairly from the Russian state.

Among communities seeking to help Ukrainian people, digital artists are not always in a position to execute and pay for their own NFT minting and sale mechanism with an established way to donate the proceeds.

PoignART’s focus is to become the bridge between NFT artists, donors and donees. The goal is for our tools to empower every artist with the ability to turn their digital art into NFTs and to sell them for fundraising goals.

PoignART represents a novel approach to philanthropy, which can be scaled into other causes down the line.


Philanthropy can often feel inauthentic due to virtue signaling, opaque money management, and middlemen taking a cut. There is usually a time lag and asymmetric information within red tape.


NFTs are transparent, verifiable, and traceable. Smart contracts enable 100% transparency and instantaneous value transfer. PoignART is a funnel to encourage artists to donate their creations, to enable people to buy art, and to increase the treasury of Unchain Fund.

Product Features

PoignART enables lazy minting, which means artists do not have to pay for their NFT minting process.


PoignART has numerous strategic partners lined up, which will be announced soon.


PoignART’s technology platform has been live since late March of 2022, and from early April of 2022, marketing activities have begun.

Differentiation (from other projects)

PoignART is differentiated from other NFT marketplaces and minting products because 100% of proceeds go to humanitarian aid, focused on Ukraine.


Our team is a group of volunteers in the Web3 world including leaders from ETHDenver, Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator, RaidGuild, Opolis, Cryptokitties, Cipher Media, MetaGame, Unchain, Gitcoin, KERNEL, LexDAO, and more.

Grant Request $


What the Funds Are For

There are already grant applications under way with Giveth and Gitcoin, which are also strategic partners. Some of our needs are outlined in these links. That said, we have a long term future in order to assist Ukrainians during the war and to help rebuild Ukraine after the war - whenever that may be. Funds are for overhead costs including technical costs, marketing costs especially to get from 0 to 1, and costs for contractors when we cannot find enough volunteers to do necessary tasks.

Help Requested

Because PoignART is a community-driven initiative, it is important that we create enthusiastic and authentic grassroots awareness. We would love Moloch DAO’s help in order to proliferate our mission and get great people on board (e.g. volunteers, artists, NFT enthusiasts, Web3 organizations). We are in the business of extending a helping hand for the cause of humanity and freedom. Again, NOBODY in the PoignART team will EVER be able to touch the money we funnel through our efforts.

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