Grant Proposal: Moloch Digital/Moloch Cloudship

Moloch DAO Funding Proposal

Formal Submission

Project Title: Moloch Cloudship (Team: Moloch Digital)

Description: A 3D environment accessible by VR or desktop that will silo work, break down barriers for DAO to DAO coordination and collaboration, and incentivize building on Ethereum through gamified, incentivized problem solving quests.

Manifesto/Vision: Provide a rich environment for coordination and collaboration amongst communities in the web3 space, allowing for faster deployment of world changing ecosystems.

Problem: Work is scattered amongst all the platforms we use and that number of new platforms seems to be growing. Existing platforms have limitations. Barriers exist that stifle DAO to DAO collaboration and coordination. Work isn’t fun.

Solution: Make it all accessible in one place. Destroy limitations we deal with now by moving to a platform that solves those issues or allows the tech to solve those issues. Create a spaceship everyone can literally walk down the corridor and poke our heads in to see what’s up in each others’ daos. Guilds will also help immensely with this and is why we are building the blueprint of the Cloudship to reflecct this direction we see DAO frameworks going. Gamify the problems each DAO is dealing with, attach bounties, allow interaction with a NPC (non-player chaaracter) to walk them through a questing system that promotes creative problem solving.

Product Features:

  • Token gated access, permissions, and interactions
  • Dome of DAOs for one location to vote in every DAO you are apart of
  • The Great Library of open source documents, dApps, assets, and many other shared resources amongst all DAOs
  • Like real-life social engagement with yours and other communities
  • Community specific automated greeters and tutorials
  • A beautiful place to meet and work that your community dreams up
  • Gamified experience

Validation: We have 19 backers from our mirror and giveth crowdfunds so far. There are about 50 members in our discord. Our team is made of MetaGamers including one diamond founder. Dozens of communities and DAOs are ready to join the project.

Progress: We have a physical world blueprint as well as a map blueprint of one of the dao spaces and our commons areas. Modular assets of interiors are being designed. We have launched a headless server. Roadmap v1 is about to be released. Avatars are almost finished and integrations beginning. World permissions for community members solved. We have published the first DAO world to be onboarded to Moloch Cloudship.

Differentiation (from other projects): There is no web3 environment as rich as what we are creating with the real-time collaboration abilities that Neos provides. The richness of the interactions in these workspaces are unfounded anywhere else. Atlantis World comes closest to what we are building but still lacks in its overall experience. On Moloch Cloudship, things are intuitive, seamless, and add to the experience with additional tools not found in other platforms. We are also combining all the major tools used by DAOs into one platform. No more switching back and forth through 30 tabs on 4 desktops. For example, voting happens in one room for all your DAOs, with all active proposals visible to you. Finally, we are gamifying the experience with NPCs (non-player characters) that are programmable with metadata containing issues from a DAO or many DAOs with bounties attached, paid in xp/community token. The NPCs can guide you through an interactive problem solving process through a questing system should you choose to take on that quest.


Grant Request: $34,200-37,200 USD

What the Funds Are For: To support Moloch Digital in slaying Moloch with coffee, tacos, and web3 tooling and environments for the betterment of humankind. Full budget breakdown found below.

Help Requested: Integrate MyMeta and metadata stored within avatars in Neos. Token gating worlds with metadata stored within avatar. Reading the blockchain within Neos.

Additional Resources, Links, Portfolio:

Funding Breakdown


  • 1 year Carter-Zimmerman Polis Citizen/Yatima or King Kazma Board member Neos Patreon membership ~ $250/month = $3,000/$6,000 board member


- "Carter-Zimmerman Polis Citizen/Yatima or King Kazma" Account
- Allows full commercial use of Neos and unlimited access to the physical base universe
- 78.125 Neos Credits monthly
- 1.17 TB of storage
- Submit 8 permanent custom Neos exit messages
- All of the Architect level perks
- Includes Discord benefits
  • Moloch Digital team pay for 1 year of development of Moloch Cloudship Commons ~ $250/member/month = $15,000
    • 5 team members @$10/hour for 25 hrs of work per month
  • Hardware ~ $3,000/member = $20,000
    • Computing upgrades for stress testing
    • VR headsets to test limits and compatibility
  • Monthly operational costs for administration and clerical accounts = $1,200
    • Discord boosts = $500 1 year
    • Domain purchase and website management = $200
    • Monthly subcriptions like typeform, miro, hackmd, etc = $500


$3,000/6,000 - Neos membership
15,000 - Team
$15,000 - Hardware
$1,200 - Operational costs


The cost seems pretty reasonable, but overall this feels pretty high risk, and possibly a bit out of scope.

Do you mind expounding on what parts you consider high risk and what puts it out of scope? Thank you for your feedback.

Others may disagree, but the I think the original intent for Moloch was funding core technology and public goods that could benefit the entire Ethereum ecosystem and speed up its evolution.

Projects related to NFTs, Metaverse, and DAOs seem like they are getting farther away from that. Perhaps it is reasonable for Moloch to evolve, but a deeper discussion may be needed.

Well, as written in the crowdfund listed, the primary DAOs/communities in mind are those building core technology and public goods that benefit the Ethereum ecosystem. This project streamlines our work as I am apart of some of them. The whole goal of the Cloudship is to provide an environment that speeds up that process, creates quality products through richer collaborative work spaces, and promotes quality work. It is also set up in such a way that opens up our shared work into one library, easily accessible to all. It is also set up to serve guilds, serving these development communities.
For example:
The writers guild in MetaGame, the Wordsmiths of Raid Guild, the Jesters of UberHAUS would all serve in a writers guild that serves each of these DAOs, combining our efforts where they overlap. This is one example of how the ship is being laid out but the connectivity you can afford in this environment is something I will just have to show you for you to understand the huge benefit this will serve us. We already have a group of hundreds of thousands of scientific researchers that have exited the legacy system and formed a coalition that are looking at our project for a place to parse their information and collaboratively work together in a decentralized fashion. We have an academic publisher looking to use the Great Library alongside MyMeta and Lens protocol to allow for academic publishing with high standards of peer review without the gatekeeping of the legacy system. Each community and individual can create portals to exact locations in any world to quickly and seamlessly switch workspaces and work groups.
I hope to be able to have a discussion and also have the opportunity to show you what I am speaking about. We already have some proof of concepts to show.
Again, thank you for your input.