Grant Proposal - LEW3L-UP - Web3 mass adoption Facilitator!

Project Title

  • LEW3L-UP

LEW3L-UP is a gamified hub with questing & credential infrastructure for web3 communities, businesses & individuals

  • START your Web3 Journey successfully
  • BUILD UP your on-chain reputation
  • MONETIZE your contribution
  • FIND like-minded people
  • NAVIGATE the blockchain space and just HAVE FUN

Reputation weighted economy will play a basic role in the interactions between business, customers, influencer or content creators. Web3 helps to create impersonal individual’s credentials that could be owned by the person himself and that can be used to his benefit. The same time it can be used by businesses as a way to outreach directly to a certain target audience, provide them a personally meaningful reward for contribution and make them loyal to its brand. This is how web3 technology can improve everyday life bringing transparent Reputation systems being a catalyst for web3 mass adoption because everyone will use it and extract the real value.

There’s a huge gap between required knowledge to enter
the Web3 space and personal motivation to do it for an
average WEB2 user

As a consequence:
The vast majority of these WEB2 individuals leaves the
Web3 space disappointed after having failed to never
return again


  • We take an average Web2 person by the hand and take him/her on a fascinating educational journey of Web3 and dApp discovery with the help of reputation-weighted economy, community engagement, real/verifiable on-chain KYC and mentor/mentee educational questing.

Product Features
LEW3L-UP on-chain ID (Non-transferable ERC-721 series)
dApp catalogue hub
Questing platform capabilities
User generated content and ability to interact with the said content
Decentralized Joint Ventures

We already agreed on Co-authored quests launch with several blockchain companies like Victory point(Triple-A game dev studio), iMe (Crypto wallet & messenger with 1m+ active users), Solar Heroes(Blockchain Game), Search for Animera (Blockchain game) and others. Also, we have got service grant from our strategic partner and have access to 1m+ active web2 users thanks to our strategic partner Appbooster.

We are on the PRE-MVP stage and about to launch MVP in a two months.
Early version of product design -

Differentiation (from other projects)
Being competitors with Gal-XE, Crew3, Quest3, we are focusing on the questing platform that provides deep interactions with the product for users also, not just helping to grow communities. Hence, our mission to become the #1 Hub for Web3 Communities and
help dApps to onboard the next 1 billion users.

Not only do we teach how to use different dApps and help to build and retain communities, we also educate a regular Web2 individual about the blockchain itself and Web3 as a whole in regards to what they are, how they work, why they are important, how they will change/improve our everyday lives. And we believe this is key if we want mass adoption to occur.

Our team consists of people who have different backgrounds and life experiences which include education, finance, marketing, business and multi-lingual / multi-cultural people relations. Having such a team of professionals in place provides us with a unique ability to see the right approach and the ability to create the necessary delivery methods to bring the value directly to where it’s needed.

CEO & Founder
Andrey Svininnikov -
Andrey is an accountable, transparent, passionate and result oriented entrepreneur who has a solid decade + of experience in the Business Development field and 2+ years experience in the blockchain and web3 technologies where he grew start-ups from the beginning to the point of independent operation. He demonstrated success leading projects to the “next level” of business achievement, built successful marketing strategies and conducted win-win negotiations with the partners which, for example, led to signing the largest contract in the company he worked for before.


COO - Yuri Golosovker
Yuri is a resourceful problem solver and a strong team leader who has extensive experience within the Information and Blockchain Technology. His strategic vision and business acumen helped many projects to reach their goals and assign resources effectively to achieve success.

CBDO - Daniil Inasov
Daniil is a true professional in negotiations and business development with over 15 years of solid experience in Finance and more than 2 years in the Blockchain and Web3 technology. His unrivaled expertise in communication with people has led many projects he worked on to successful and strong partnerships with many market leaders.

CTO - Sergey Lobanovсергей-лобанов-887045149
Sergey has 8+ years of experience in backend and full stack web developing, Solidity. Web3 developer since 2018.

CIO - Tatiana Demakina
Tatiana is a very detail-oriented and meticulous individual with a very big passion for innovation and all things Web3. Her knowledge of foreign languages (English, Spanish, Chinese) is tremendously helpful in terms of developing partnerships and research of useful information about innovations. She’s the incarnation of the true Web3 spirit in our start-up whose purpose is to make sure we stay true to the values of the cofounding fathers.

Total number - 8 people
1 front-end dev(CTO), 1 back-end dev
1 product designer, 1 illustrator

Grant Request $
10 000$

What the Funds Are For
Company establishment
Business Development and current operational costs: servers, hosting, CRM etc.

Help Requested
We are looking for help with the networking, introductions to the blockchain companies who are interested to acquire new users to their products or gain community size. Also, help with VC’s intros & relationships will allow us to grow faster.

Additional Resources, Links, Portfolio
Pitchdeck: DocSend
our website: