Grant Proposal: Happily Ever After (HEA)

Project Title
Happily Ever After (HEA)

At Happily Ever After, we are a community that believes in universal preventive healthcare and we are rethinking the health ecosystem from the ground up. We focus on building a suite of open-source health tools and products to create a health ecosystem that is positive-sum, collaborative and community-owned.

Happily Ever After wants to add 10 billion years of healthy life to the planet. Happily Ever After is a decentralized community with a single purpose - to help people live longer, healthier and happier lives.

Most current health applications store health data in the cloud, which removes control of personal health data from the user. More importantly, this leads to siloed systems that store data in different places, resulting in poor interoperability and causing a coordination problem within healthcare.

Healthcare is an industry where a single source of truth for your data is incredibly valuable to generate actionable insights that could improve people’s lives. And the Quantified Self community has tried to build interoperability manually, leading to horrifying diagrams like .

We think this is an opportunity to first build, a piece of data infrastructure that completely flips the paradigm before encouraging new apps and services to be built on top of this infrastructure.

Our solution is called Habitat Health. Habitat Health is a peer-to-peer data system, that enables an open, composable yet private health data network.

To crack the big challenges in human well-being requires a radically different paradigm of health data infrastructure- one that prioritizes individual data ownership while breaking down silos and enabling open data access and aggregation.

The new primitives around self-sovereign identity and data on Ethereum are enabling this transformation now, and we want to bring those benefits to the healthcare ecosystem. We want to build on top of identity systems like ENS to create health data infrastructure that is controlled by keys, not companies. And by leveraging web3 technology in people’s daily lives, we want to help onboard the next billion users onto Ethereum.

Product Features
Habitat Health aims to solve the above problems by defining a protocol to:

  • Provide users access to and ownership of their data
  • Provide organizations or other entities access to user data
  • Allowing users to authorize organizations or other entities access to their data

Habitat Health builds upon the DIF Decentralized Web Node (DWN) protocol. DWN is a data storage and message relay mechanism entities can use, to locate public or private permissioned data related to a given Decentralized Identifier (DID). The specifications here help clarify the use of DWN in certain scenarios.

More information about our specification can be found on our Notion page here.

We have been graciously supported by Mistletoe Singapore Pte Ltd so far. A global impact collective family office founded by Taizo Son. He is the younger brother of SoftBank’s Masayoshi Son.

We have also built a strong collaborator community on Discord. They consist of a mix of web2 health companies, web3 DeSci projects/DAOs and South East Asian university research labs to beta pilot test Habitat Health once it launches at the end of the year.

Here’s where we’ve been tracking our progress for building Habitat Health: GitHub - heacare/habitat-sdk-dart: The reference implementaion of Habitat, an open, composable data network built on top of DWN, in Dart.

We plan to have a Habitat Health MVP by the end of the year. Here is our HEA overview deck detailing our project so far and our roadmap for the next 18 months.

Differentiation (from other projects)
Existing solutions like IPFS, and Ceramic Network provide one potential solution where data is stored in a public and distributed network of nodes. However, in a public network, even encrypted data can be monitored and collected.

Thus, for sensitive forms of data, stronger guarantees of data ownership are required. Namely, one should be able to specify the location where a blob of data is stored without the blob being exposed to the whims of a public network. On top of these stronger ownership guarantees, methods of access control to third parties must also be a part of this system.

Our core team consists of:

Gavin Singh - I’m a servant leader and a longevity enthusiast on a mission to shift the world’s reactive model of healthcare to a preventive one. Also contributor @ Molecule, VitaDAO, PsyDAO and Health Sciences graduate from McGill University.


Sudharshan - I’m an aspiring polymath, fiercely passionate about human wellbeing and flourishing. Also Kernel Block 7, DeveloperDAO and Electrical Engineering @ University College London.


Ambrose Chua -I’m a hacker and maker who takes apart things to understand how they work. I occasionally redo my homelab, run events, play CTFs and 3D print parts. Regular Speaker @ GoSG and Organizer @

Jan Yeo - I’m a hospitality-trained communicator, and I care about how people experience and interact with communities. Previously a Sleep Health Advocate @ International Sleep Charity, and Community Lead @

Our advisors:

Jeremy Sim - Director of Mistletoe Singapore Pte. Ltd, co-founder of G20 and former aide


Chi Ling Chan - Deputy Director of Open Government Products and Senior Product Manager at GovTech Singapore (HealthTech). Co-founder, Chief Operating Officer of

Shane Kelly - Co-founder of Warmspace. Alumni at UC Berkeley and Stanford University

Lim Qing Ru - Partner at True Global Ventures, co-founder of Zopium and advisory board member at National University of Singapore

Grant Request $
SGD $70,000

What the Funds Are For
We have a roadmap to the completion of the initial prototype of Habitat Health and beyond. This includes our participation in the September ETHOnline hackathon!

Stage 1 (1st week of September) ($10,000) : Refining our existing specifications (

Stage 2 (until the end of November) ($30,000) : Coding and testing our initial prototype

Stage 3 (Until the end of December) ($20,000) : Writing a Developer SDK on top of the protocol to enable easy integration of the protocol

Stage 4 (H1 2023) ($10,000) : Community is the lifeblood of our project. In unison with building Habitat Health, we want to tap into our strong connections in Singapore and Indonesia to build the first community for a transhumanism knowledge exchange in South East Asia.

To achieve long-term sustainability, we plan on leveraging that community by using a DAO to steward the funding and ecosystem building around Habitat Health.

Help Requested
We would greatly appreciate working with Moloch to source for members in the community, who resonate with our vision and are willing to contribute in any way possible. Be it to help build Habitat Health, build on Habitat Health or build our community.

Additional Resources, Links, Portfolio
Our manifesto: Our mission is to add 10 billion years of healthy life to the pl… — Happily Ever After
Our website:
Our Twitter:

Looking forward to discussing this proposal and answering any questions :rocket:
Live long and prosper! :vulcan_salute: