Grant Proposal Green Cultural Travel Hub Limited

Project Title
Green Cultural Travel Hub Limited - a Singapore Non Profit

The creation of a self sustaining Non Profit that supports community projects that adhere to the principles of Permaculture. The cornerstone focus is fair share. for the stakeholders, staff, community and environment.

The creation of a Non Profit that can make a meaningful change in this world through mentoring, creating and funding projects that are scalable and impact driven.

The Non Profit will enjoy a symbiotic relationship with the Green Initiative DAO which will act in the manner of an Investment Fund with sub DOA’s for each asset class.

In partnership the Non Profit and DAO will own Green Cultural Travel Pte Ltd which will be the worlds leading OTA focused on sustainable and ethical travel.

The Non Profit will also have its own Footprint rating system that looks at the impact beyond the carbon impact of a product in terms of positives and negatives to the community and environment.

Finally we will have our own token that not only acts as a reward for people booking travel with us but rewards time spent volunteering, contributions to community projects, contributions such a blogs about destinations and other incentives to make a difference.

Across the world we are seeing growing signs of food shortages, rising energy costs and dismay by many about the state of the natural environment. Climate change is heightening this dismay along with a feeling of despair because people do not know how they can make a change.

Create a platform that allows a tribe of people to come together to connect, create a voice and invest for change.

The journey starting with the establishment of Green Cultural Travel Hub Limited which is a Singapore registered Non Profit supporting a number of existing projects , We now want to bring together Co Founders that share our vision. Founders and Co Founders provide governance and their financial support entitles them to a Royalty which is secured through Tokens issued on the Ethereum platform.

Together the Founders and Co Founders will facilitate the Green Initiative DAO which will act in the manner of a Master Fund that invests in a series of Sub DAO’s with the starting assets classes of

  • sustainable agriculture
  • sustainable communities
  • sustainable tourism and hospitality projects
  • supporting technologies
    Because the DAO’s will hold investments in tangible assets such as equities and mortgages a corporate entity will need to be established to act as an effective trustee.

The team will also continue to develop the travel brand with the OTA operated by Green Cultural Travel Pte Ltd a Singapore registered entity to be co-owned by the Non Profit and the DAO.

It will be positioned as a leading travel brand focused on sustainable and ethical travel.

Using the travel business as the pilot user of the rating system, an open source project will be undertaken to create a blockchain project to allow the licensing of the use of the rating we assess which is a NFT that can be displayed on a enterprise or product website or label.

Product Features
All projects are based on blockchain and the Ethereum Platform excluding the OTA.

The Green Initiative DAO will be structured so that not only asset classes will be held within sub DAO’s but also we create sub-DAO’s for our experts who provide the required due diligence and asset management services required to manage the investments.

Furthermore to allow scalability investors will gather and form into sub-DAO’s which we describe like a virtual village with their own treasury and each village votes internally on the majority of decisions with each village then casting a vote within the main investment decision platform.

As the OTA expands its offering it will be able to offer ways to completely offset the impacts of a guests travel.

We will have a network of Local Expert Partners providing unique and authentic experiences with 4 core products:
Great Journey’s
Meaningful Retreats
Reach Out Collective Adventures
Custom Experiences

Our unique point of difference is that every time someone books something good happens in the world.

As our community work and travel brand raise brand awareness our unique rating system will become more accepted as a meaningful way to access a product or enterprises impact.

With $1 of every $100 invested in the DAO going to the Non Profit, Founders and Co Founders will work together to develop how the Non Profit governance can include a voice for the DAO.

The symbiotic relationship will also us to mentor, seed, support and then invest in enterprises that we believe can make a positive difference to their community.

The Non Profit will be managed by the Founders and Co Founders in some ways like a VC fund and they will earn the right to a ongoing Royalty payable by the Non Profit.

Our existing support for projects is resonating within the community. We are undertaking brand awareness marketing.

We have also begun a google keywords campaign now that the impacts of Covid have reduced in the travel industry. Traffic from this campaign along with organic searches is happening and now we seek to achieve the next step which is customer engagement.

The Non Profit is supporting 4 existing projects
The OTA is been marketed with tours and experiences in multiple destinations
Founders and Co Founders tokens have been created as well as the initial governance smart contracts
Supplier intranet to allow self loading of products under construction.

Differentiation (from other projects)
Is scalable allowing us to create a tribe of like minded people that will come together in a decentralised manner while owning collectively a regulated investment scheme managed to ensure all laws and compliance is met within the chosen jurisdiction of the structure.

It will allow us to bring together many people wanting to make a difference while also earning strong long term income and capital growth through patient investment.

Kimberley Burton - Founder
Veronica Dela Cruz - Singapore Director
Dee Ejanda - Operations manager OTA
Token Developer for Non Profit - 7 Bits Technologies LLC
Website development OTA - Jasmeet Singh

Grant Request $nil - looking for connection to like minded people

What the Funds Are For
We have created the Green Cultural Travel Co-Founders tokens to allow us to fund our business plan through the sale of these.

Help Requested

We are looking for both Co Founders who can provide funding and also strengthen our team. We are also looking for connection to people and groups who can help build the DAO and other projects once funding is in place.

Additional Resources, Links, Portfolio
You can find an overview here at

Access to the Business Plan Overviews and the process to buy tokens is restricted as this is a security token by its nature, For those wishing to find out more please reach out.

Our travel website is

this type of application layer project doesn’t seem like a public good in need of funding that Moloch was founded to fund