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This is a proposal for Moloch DAO to support the development of the Ethereum ecosystem through - a platform that connects builders, educators, and other network contributors to funding.

We propose that Moloch DAO allocates 10 WETH to support the maintenance and development of the platform.

The purpose of Moloch DAO is to fund public goods and other critical ETH 2.0 infrastructure, a shared vision of Grantr and the team. This contribution will support the development of a public good that facilitates funding of various contributing skills and projects to our shared ecosystem.

Manifesto/Vision, Problem & Solution

Upon receiving a grant to create a list of grants that would classify each into categories depending on what the program will fund, it became apparent that the lack of tooling and resources for grants equates to productive disruption for talent seeking funding.

There is no go-to resource for funding to find talent or the other way around; instead, contributors and money spend hours looking for the right fit.

In addition, there is no way to search for funding based on the category that your projects or skills fall under, further making the research process tedious and time-consuming.

To address the problems mentioned above, Grantr was built and solved these problems by providing the following service:

  1. A go-to public good resource for grantees seeking funding
  2. A curated list that includes all grants and information relating to the grants
  3. A tagging system that allows users to find a list of all the grants that will fund their specific skill/project.

Product Features

The team is working on rolling out a list of new features to the application that will render the best UX for grantees and grantors. The following stages of our roadmap include the implementation of the following features:

  1. Maintain and expand the list of grants and further refine our tagging system
  2. The option to apply to multiple grants with one application form
  3. Develop a platform for which grantees can share the project for which they require funding, and grantors can browse through these projects and select which ones they would like to fund.
  4. Aggregate a list of different funding verticals such as hackathons, boot camps, and bounties.

Validation & Progress

Since launching Grantr only a few weeks ago, we have received many compliments and thanks from builders who have used our platform to receive funding. Furthermore, various protocols and builders have reached out to offer support and ask for help and collaboration from the team.

Differentiation (from other projects)

No resource is currently doing what Grantr is doing in the space. Therefore, a go-to resource for funding is indeed a gap that the community needs to fill.



Defi business development at Hedera


Developer relations at ENS


Cofounder at QiDAO

Grant Request: 10 WETH

We are asking for Moloch DAO to contribute 10 WETH (Approximately 0.6% of its treasury) to the Grantr multisg [matic:0xCA8AD04c2Bb864868eDD7342a6bC1174bb4a858f]

What the Funds Are For

The funds are for the team developing, maintaining, and distributing the platform.

Help Requested


Additional Resources, Links, Portfolio

From the member sentiment poll we did there were 0 yes and 4 nos. We do these polls in private channels. That’s about normal turn out at this life cycle of the DAO. I don’t recommend submitting this proposal on-chain as I believe it is unlikely to pass.

The only grant frameworks MolochDAO has typically funded is the MolochDAO framework itself.