Grant Proposal - GITARG Developer Tooling for Coding Safely

Project Title



Provide a development portal for smart contract developers to thrive in a decentralized web, bringing safety, identity and productivity to decentralization and web3 technology. We want code DAOs, ORGs to run the internet, not corporations. Equal opportunity for everyone through interface.


Our white paper: (follow links for the named sections)

Vision (first draft): Gitarg Whitepaper - June 2023 - Google Docs


Manifesto signature:


Code should be safe for the developer and everyone that comes in contact with it. We should have automated systems that reward security for our code and interface given the power of decentralization and crypto. We can want developers that build history over developers that want to take advantage of experienced computer scientists and individuals in the field through love.


Make code clear and outloud through technology, reward and stability of tokenization. Reduce magic numbers to a point of understanding to create legitimacy where confusion could lose the dedication of creators. Change has value or crypto isn’t real, real outloud change understandable by the human mind is the solution to artificial intelligent degeneracy.

Product Features

Organization management of code, commit checking, identity across blockchain, information and code separation to fight evil DMCA. Code stores value: gas stabilization through pathing to allow DAPP creativity.




Checkout my repositories and twitch streams:

Contracts also deployed interface at:

Differentiation (from other projects)

Team - Just me and any devs that have something to say

Grant Request $100,000

What the Funds Are For

Gas for deployment on all solidity blockchains and the finalization of our orthogonal code storage pattern

Help Requested

Validation services or individuals with working dev groups interested in true decentralized GIT and decentralized VM stability and sustainability. Successful DAPPs are the goal, gas stability and dealership the answer.

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