Grant Proposal: Ethereum TEF

Project Title

Ethereum TEF

  • Tooling for data analytics
  • Educational content creator
  • Fostering future developers


Ethereum TEF is a project to encourage potential Ethereum developers to learn the concept of blockchain development, and provide them the opportunity to contribute to open source projects.

It is a project by Avarch, which is an open source organization building decentralized projects & providing services to the Ethereum Blockchain. We publish technical blogs, produce ELI5 videos and share in-depth research reports on Ethereum blockchain protocols.

From blockchain media publishing to blockchain tooling projects, the organization is fostering the next generation developers to learn, contribute and expand the horizon of the blockchain ecosystem.


We envision a rising level of community growth by providing tooling, education and fostering developers. Implementing creative community-based strategies to enhance economic opportunity, we’re building a strong foundation, and ensure a dynamic framework for the growth and development of the Ethereum ecosystem.


The Ethereum blockchain ecosystem is in early phases of development. There are a lot of challenges that need to be overcome to ensure a sustainable growth of a decentralized ecosystem. Some of the challenges are as follows:

  • Unavailability of accurate & easy to understand Ethereum research topics, leading rumors and discouraging community participation
  • Limited availability of data analytics tools
  • Misleading information on gas price, developers are being discouraged to build dapps on Ethereum blockchain


With project TEF, we hope to build an analytics dashboard for Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs) which has an important role in building protocol and decentralized application

In parallel, with a team of skilled technical writers, including upcoming researchers from technical universities, we hope to produce research reports and (ELI5) videos for easily digestible content for mainstream users.

To encourage project development on Ethereum blockchain instead of Binance/ Solana/ Polygon, we hope to organize, mentor and provide guidance to blockchain clubs and events in technical undergrad colleges.

Featured blogs & Videos


Our research reports, blogs & videos have received much appreciation from the community.

Two research reports for community education are funded by Really Boring Guild, a guild by Moloch DAO.

In addition to these reports, teams have published various tutorials on The Merge upgrade and received shoutouts by reputed Ethereum developers MariusVanDerWijden, Ben Edgington & community appreciation on Twitter. We have received mention in useful resources Mega Merge Resource List, popular protocol newsletters by Tim Beiko & What’s New in Eth2 by Benjamin Edgington.


In the past few years, the team of Avarch has contributed to the Ethereum ecosystem with multiple projects. Please follow our progress in the organization Github repository.

We are partnering with blockchain events organizers to sponsor and support hackathons. Providing mentorship to female developers, we hope to bring diversity to the Ethereum ecosystem.


As of today, there is only one website for EIPs information is available. There is no dashboard but one hackmd file sharing information on monthly EIPs statistics. With the approved funding, we propose to write a bot to automate this report and provide a dashboard for instant info on EIPs stats.


Team Ethereum TEF is currently led by two mentors, open source developers, designer, content creators and undergrad interns included for Ethereum content research. We hope to have an increasing number of external contributors.

Grant Request

$60,000 USD

This is an estimated cost for following deliverables

  • $30,000 - Data analytics dashboard for EIPs
  • $18,000 - Educational content building (Reports, Blogpost & ELI5 videos)
  • $12,000 - Outreach Universities & sponsor blockchain events to promote development of dApps using EIPs and testing projects on Ethereum testnets.

Why fund this project

There are a few hackmd files available in the public domain, but those aren’t easily accessible and easy to understand by mainstream users. We must provide ELI5 resources to share updates on one of the biggest changes expected on the Ethereum network.

The team of the Ethereum TEF project has proven its efficient contribution by building an ephemeral tooling (BlockAction - Beaconchain multiclient testnet) developed to support the Ethereum client developers and delivered two project reports funded by RBG.

We aim to provide in-depth information in non-technical language while providing references to research docs for further reading.

Help requested

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Additional Resources, Links, Portfolio

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With Goerli-Prater testnet merge last week, all the public Ethereum tesnets are now switched to Proof of Stake consensus.

We are excited to share our comprehensive report on The Evolution of Ethereu Testnets from genesis till The Merge upgrade. This report was supported by RBG, Moloch DAO.

Ethereum TEF project hopes to increase contribution to the Ethereum ecosystem with engaging upcoming developers and sharing useful information with the community.

Looking forward to your support. Happy to answer any questions or provide more details.

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We are happy to inform , our article about The Evolution of Ethereum Testnets featured on