Grant proposal - ESGROW


Sustainable finance – the integration of environmental, social, and governance factors into the investment decision-making process, has been a trending topic in financial markets in recent years as investors’ money flowed into bonds, stocks, and portfolios with an ESG focus. This trend towards allocating capital for ESG assets and goals is a crucial part of the transformation towards a more sustainable economy. Moreover, everyone should understand these concepts to amplify the beneficial effect on society and induce a change in investment habits for retail investors. As a result, sustainable financial literacy, meaning an understanding of sustainable financial products and their use for promoting sustainable development goals – plays a key role in the integration of ESG factors into financial decisions. The first step in achieving sustainable finance literacy is creating awareness. While the financial sector is advancing at great speed towards integrating ESG factors in financial decision-making, teaching sustainable finance lags behind. Teaching sustainable finance courses is therefore essential. However, to create awareness we need more than specialized courses and here when ESGROW was born.


ESGROW is a launchpad platform where users can join to submit their own ESG related projects. By participating in Impact Investing with the express goal of generating and measuring mission-related social, environmental or economic change alongside financial return then can participate in crowdfunding to help them raise funds for their projects through voting, minting NFTs, and raising funds from the NFT marketplace. Capturing an appropriate return is critical to do so, as this will ensure that the fund will be able to carry out the interests of the users by building stronger alliances with frontline communities most greatly impacted by the extractive economy and working towards a just transition towards regenerative finance.


Regardless of the ongoing attention and the rise in ESG investments, investors yet people with ESG-related ideas are still finding challenges to collaborate. For investors, they find it challenging in finding a service provider who can provide them with the right information so they can make the right investment decision and to be greenwashed by false information. From the entrepreneurs’ side, they are trying to validate their ideas and provide the information that proves their ESG-related projects.


We have created a crowdfunding launchpad platform, ESGROW. In ESGROW, we help both investors as well as entrepreneurs to grow. We aim to ESGROW together. Through introducing a solution where entrepreneurs can share their ideas with the public for their new projects and involving the public, including investors, to decide if this is a valid idea or not, we have created a space for both parties to meet. We created the space for investors to also study the project before starting to invest in it. through ESGROW platform, everyone can vote for the project that can serve the society more and introduces more innovative solutions to the current problems.

Participants, before submitting their own projects, will go through a learning process. To learn about sustainable finance and how it affects our daily life decisions. This will also help them better understand the importance of the ESG in our daily life. We are creating a platform where entrepreneurs can learn and bring up innovative solutions and share them with the public with full transparency, which in return, investors can have full access to the data and information they need before starting investing their money. Participants, through the platform can submit innovative solutions in many different ESG categories
ESGROW Participation conditions and we give the opportunity to participate and choose the most innovative solution.

  • Participation is open to the public and anyone who has an ESG-related idea and thinks that it could become a succeful project can participate and submit it
  • Each participant will be allowed to submit only one project
  • Maximum number of accepted projects is 50
  • Community will vote to choose 10 out of 50 projects
  • Each token holder has 2 votes
  • Batches: 3-4 batches/year


  • Ideas: people submit their projects
  • Voting: community votes
  • NFT: Minting NFT for the winning projects
  • Funding: get funds through the NFT marketplace

Stages of a proposal

1- Proposals People can submit their idea/project through a form.


  • Name of the projects
  • ESG category
  • Brief description of the idea
  • Link to the main documents

2- Voting

  • Projects will be subject to the community voting system. Community members, once the projects are submitted and after the submission period, will be able to check all the projects and start voting. Each community member will only have two votes; meaning that they can only vote for a maximum of two projects or can vote twice for the same project. Transferring tokens are not allowed during the voting process.

Results announcement

  • After the voting period deadline, the number of votes will be displayed on the dashboard so all community can see the results and winning projects
  • Winners will be invited to an interview with ESGROW team to introduce themselves
  • NFT will be minted for the winning projects to represent the idea of the project
  • This NFT will be fractionalized.
  • NFT will be listed in the marketplace
  • Some of the NFT fractions will be distributed to community members who have voted for the winning projects

NFT Fractionalization features for the winning project:

–Liquidity --Ultimate price


  • Funding projects will be split into 3 phases:
  • 30% to fund the project’s first phase
  • 40% to fund the project’s second phase
  • 30% to fund the project’s 3rd and last phase

What’s next for ESGROW

ESGROW will be part of a bigger project, PLEARN, which is a game aims at teaching financial literacy. ESGROW, will present the fourth pillar of the game which is the ESG-related projects deal. Once it is integrated into the game, participants will have the chance to learn about the importance of sustainable finance in making their financial decisions.


Governance Token

  • MANI:
    is the governance token of the main project, PLEARN ( PLAY.LEARN.EARN) Users can acquire MANI either through buying it directly from the platform, or through the completion of the learning process when they play PLEARN. Only users who hold MANI can participate in submitting/voting process. We will airdrop users with two tokens in order to partipiate in both the submission and the voting process. However, these tokens can be used to vote twice, including their own project.

Grant Request $

We are requesting $200k as a grant:

  • Token issuing
  • developing the MVP
  • UI/UX
  • Full stack developer

ESGROW Team Members

Member Title Description Linkedin
Nada Jabr Project Leader Manage project contents
Paul Oamen Technical Advisor Advise on front-end and back-end technicals
Thanh Nguyen Product Coordinator Coordinate the project contents and technicals
Samuel Anthony Front-end Developer Design UI, UX
Ogunsakin Tope Solidity Develper Smart contract coding