Grant Proposal - - Education & Passion Matching Platform

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History of DoDAO

  • DoDAO started as a purely educational site in last December and we just wanted to write about DAOs
  • There are some very nice and in depth articles on DoDAO on which we spent quite some time purely out of interest
  • We then also moved into developing an onboarding solution in Feb 2022. MVP was completed in 8 weeks and the feedback has been really positive.
  • Our team involves me who does development and content writing and 2-3 other freelance content writers which I pay. Currently we don’t have any grants or funding

Current Situation

  • We did start on education but for the last two months it has taken a back seat as we have been working on the onboarding platform and we have limited resources.
  • Our platform seems to be going in the right direction, and can get us some business also in the next couple of months.
  • Though it is a Web3 platform, it currently focuses primarily on DAOs and members are not given priority. This is a good business model, but not really Web3 as members are not the first focus currently.
  • Our vision is to “Enable people to work for their passions and earn partnership in it”, i.e. make the platform purely member focused. There is no business model and I am not sure how to make it self sustainable in near future.

Vision of DoDAO

  • Our vision is to “Enable people to work for their passions and earn partnership in it”.
  • e.g. I am a Software engineer and I do programming for 30-40 hrs a week, but I still have 10-20 non productive hours in a week. These 10-20 hrs can be used to work for meaningful DAOs with whom my interests match.
    • My passion is sustainable farming which is carbon -ve, but at the same time is cash +ve. There are many proven models and projects that are doing this. I want these projects to be DAOs, have tokens, and allow people to join, contribute and earn partnership.
    • My home state is suffering from a drug problem and the main problem is that songs promote alcohol, drugs, and violence. Good content is also created, but there is not a lot of support provided to the people creating such content. By applying DAO models, people in different countries will be able to support and participate in these projects
  • We want DoDAO to enable members to be aware and be able to join such public good projects.
    *We want DoDAO to match user’s interest with the core values and mission of meaningful/public good DAOs
  • Currently there are many blockchain projects/DAOs doing meaningful work, but highlighting their work and onboarding members onto them is not given priority because of business reasons
  • On our roadmap, we will be working on this in 4-6 months, as we want to be financially self-sustainable first.
  • Grant will release the pressure and will help us start developing the matchmaking platform and start engaging with 6-10 public good DAOs/blockchain projects and help onboarding members onto them

Why Grants

Grants will be used for three areas

  • Educational content ~ 12K
    • We will share the list of topics we want to cover related to DAOs as they are important and no one is talking about them.
    • DoDAO will assist/facilitate in writing and making videos of that content.
    • All the payments from the grant will be forwarded to the university students who work on the deliverables. DoDAO will not keep any money from the grants
    • Grant for this can be paid incrementally after completion of each milestone
  • Development of “Passion/Interest and DAO matching platform” $27K
    • This new platform will be purely focused on mission drive projects
    • Platform will ask for user’s interest and show matching public good DAOs
    • This platform will use reuse some part of the code we already developed as part of current DoDAO platform
    • UX will need a complete redesign and we want to focus both on Members and DAOs
    • Grant for this can be paid incrementally in 2-3 milestones
  • Engaging with 6-10 meaningful/public good blockchain projects - $13k
    • We want to develop onboarding content for them which involves writing about the DAOs, how people can participate etc.
    • We would also like to onboard members onto these projects and we will want to do that by going to colleges and universities, and talking about these projects
    • We target going to 4 colleges and all four from different countries
    • Grant for this can be paid incrementally after completion of each milestone


Below are all the deliverables and the amount we feel is right for them. We can update tasks and amounts based on your feedback

Education - $12,000

  1. Bringing it all together ($3,000)
    1. To start a DAO we need to use at least 10 different tools.
    2. We want to cover how one can set up a DAO and use these tools end to end
    3. We will create a dummy working DAO using all these tools and then write down an article and videos cover the entire thing
    4. For this we will pick 1-2 students from university and they DoDAO will assist them in completing the entire thing
    5. Risks and questions
      1. Is it really useful?
      2. Is $3,000 a fair compensation for 1-2 students who will be spending close to a month to complete this
      3. Should we keep some money aside for DoDAO also for assisting in the completion of this project
      4. What happens if the student stops midway through?
  2. Tooling options ($3000)
    1. Corresponding to each of the tools discussed above, we would want to talk about alternatives also
    2. This will be a continuation of the above task
    3. Risks and questions
      1. Same as those mentioned in the previous
  3. Two case studies of self sustainable public good DAOs (2 * $3000 = $6000)
    1. We would like to cover business models of two DAOs who use innovative models like NFTs and metaverse to bring in community and funds
    2. I know a couple such projects who are working in this direction
    3. These projects can be of your choice as well
    4. I know 3 professors at Ivey Business School and we can try to ask them for at least one of these case studies in their curriculum. So if things go well ~250 students business students will know about public good DAOs every semester
    5. Risks and questions
      1. Same as those mentioned in the previous

DoDAO “Passion/Interest and DAO matching platform” - $27,000

  1. UX - $7000

    1. has nice UX, but its old school and focused towards DAOs and not members
    2. At this time I don’t know how to start on it.
    3. Will be taking to 20 people before starting on it
    4. This will be an entirely new platform so need to do it from scratch
    5. Deliverables will be Figma designs
  2. Use Profile and interest capturing $10,000

    1. Some sought a dashboard/landing page where users can fill in their interests
    2. Use some language processing to match user interests with mission or values of DAOs
    3. Deliverables will be working website
  3. DAO mission, values and areas where help is needed $10,000

    1. Some sought a dashboard/landing page where DAOs can fill in their Mission, values and the places where they need help
    2. Onboarding - This can be reuse of code we already have in DoDAO
    3. Use some language processing to match user interests with mission or values of DAOs
    4. Deliverables will be working website

Are we not over engineering? Yes we are as the platform is meant to have 1000s of such projects in future

Engaging with 6 meaningful/public good blockchain projects - $13,000

  1. Onboarding content - 6 * 1,500 = $9,000
    1. We will write onboarding content i.e. about the project, how members can join, how can they contribute etc
    2. Onboarding content includes text content + videos
    3. These projects can be of your choice, but they have to be public good projects
  2. Onboarding members by going to 4 colleges. (4 x $1000 = $4000)
    1. This amount will go to students who will take the initiative to conduct this engagement in universities.
    2. We would want to onboard at least 50 members from each University/College

Grant Ask

  • Education - $12,000
  • Passion to DAO matching platform - $27,000
  • Engaging with 6 meaningful/public good blockchain projects - $13,000
    Timeline for all deliverable will be ~3 months


There is a lot in the deliverables, but looking at our last 3-4 months execution pace, this could be easily completed

Final Note

  • We can pick and choose whatever you feel is relevant.
  • I have been conservative in adding budget asks and in most of the cases these funds will be forwarded to university students for their effort.
  • We want to pay them fairly for their effort.
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