Grant Proposal: DAOsign

Project Title

DAOsign is a decentralized platform for agreements and automated workflows, with publicly verifiable, cryptographic proofs-of-signature, designed for WEB3 companies.

Verifiable Signature is at the core of DAOsign and is based on 3 key proofs: proof-of-identify, proof-of-authority, and proof-of-agreement. Utilizing these proofs, DAOsign provides a platform to design and configure complex workflows that combine smart-contract-based automation with authorized approvals.

Current DAOsign architecture makes the governance management process very configurable, and we currently have a few use cases under development that will enrich the Ethereum ecosystem. Among the use cases, we already have a grant management automation process and software delivery forward Web3 organizations.

Our mission is to revolutionize agreement management with decentralized, verifiable, and secure technology. At the core of this mission lies a profound commitment to transforming the way individuals, organizations, and communities engage in agreements. We imagine a future where traditional agreement management is replaced by a seamless, automated system that eliminates errors and inefficiencies.

Traditional methods of signing agreements, such as paper-based systems or legacy e-signatures, are prone to fraud and lack transparency, and offer no solution for verifying the signer’s identity or authority to execute the agreement. Instead, these systems rely on costly legal proceedings to enforce agreements.

DAOsign addresses the need for a secure and transparent way to sign, manage, and automate agreements of all kinds with a configurable level of anonymity disclosure.

Product Features

  • Cryptographic Proofs
    Cryptographic, publicly verifiable alternative to paper-proof or legacy e-signatures

  • Signer Identity
    Publicly verifiable, flexible Signer Identity Verification System

  • NFT Authority
    NFT-based Signer Authority Verification System

  • Multi-Chain Support
    User choice of multiple supported chains for storing cryptographic proofs

  • Proposals Import
    Integration with Proposal Systems using GPT-3

  • Governance
    Extensible Governance Automation System with configurable Workflows and Control Checkpoints

  • Invoicing
    Invoicing and Auto Pay support crypto payments and rollups to signed Agreements:

  • Plugins Support
    Custom Modules Plugins support for user-developed components and mods

  • Multi-Storage
    User choice for agreement Storage options


Currently, our product is on Testnet. DAOsign already allows users to store proofs of signature in the IPFS, Ethereum launch is planned in the nearest week. Also, we are a SUI grant recipient, so DAOsign users will be able to use the SUI blockchain for proofs storing purposes in the near future as well. Furthermore, our team is working on expanding the number of use cases, and the final decision will be made based on community feedback.

Differentiation (from other projects)


  1. Eugene Fine (CEO & Founder) - Over 20 years of building, scaling, and managing technology organizations. Recent experience includes a CTO role at Explorer Surgical Corp., which was recently acquired by GHX, and VP of Engineering at GHX. Eugene is a founder at, a Blockchain/WEB3 development studio.
    LinkedIn link

  2. Ramil Amerzyanov (CTO) - 15+ years building complex technical architecture and software solutions., focusing on Blockchain/WEB3 technologies over the past 7 years. Recent projects include the Fractional CTO role at Landslide Network and the CTO role at
    LinkedIn link

  3. Misha Kushka (Technical Lead) - 6+ years developing Blockchain/WEB3 technical architecture and software solutions. Recent projects include Lead Technical Architect roles at Akiva Capita! Holdings and Avalaunch

  4. Oleksandra Burmenska (Head of Partnerships) - Over 10 years of experience in Business Development and Management roles in Technology organizations, focusing on Blockchain/WEB3 technologies over the past 5 years. Recent projects include contributions to NEAR, Axelar, GnosisSafe, and Avalanche ecosystems
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Grant Request $
$10 000

What the Funds Are For
The grant funds will be used for the DAOsign tool to go live in the Ethereum mainnet.

Help Requested
We also welcome feedback from the community regarding prioritizing the existing use cases and defining new ones.

Additional Resources, Links, Portfolio
Our portfolio with the previous projects: DocSend
Our pitch deck: DocSend