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Project Title
CREATIVE platform

Creative Platform is building the structure to support independent creatives. It is the ideal tangible use case to prove to the public that Ethereum can benefit anyone, while also demonstrating what it’s like to actually own our data, our builds, and our art.

Using blockchain technology to eliminate the middleman, creatives, brands, and fans can directly collaborate to create truly unique content and ensure that those who create value are the ones who are also receiving it.

With the Creative platform, you can finally earn a living doing what you love – being creative! Whether you are a photographer, videographer, musician, or writer, we believe your creativity should be recognized and rewarded. With our platform, you can directly collaborate with brands and fans to create truly unique content. Brands will have access to various types of content, from photos and videos to music and stories. Fans will also be able to support their favorite creators by voting and receiving exclusive merchandise, tickets, or access to subscriber-only content.

So join us on this new and innovative journey!

Problem: The current creative landscape is challenging to navigate. It is hard to make a living as a creative professional, and it’s even harder to find quality content.

Agitate: Not only is it challenging to make a living as a creative professional, but it’s also hard to find quality content. Most of the content out there is either derivative or just plain inept.

Solution: Our platform solves both problems by giving brands access to high-quality content and allowing creators to collaborate directly with brands and fans. Additionally, we are on the blockchain, which means all transactions are transparent, secure, and tamper-proof.


The Creative platform has 3 main roles:

  • Fans
  • Creatives
  • Brands


The interfaces used to interact with the Creative platform, include:

  • DAOHaus - Contributors
  • Stageverse - Users/Social Gameshow
  • Snapshot - Users


These libraries are consumed by our apps and structured to be used by external developers. They include:

  • Utility Libraries provide foundations that can be composed and integrated into applications
  • Data Libraries provide functions for interacting with platform data
  • User Interface Libraries provide a set of components for building platform interfaces and tools
  • Feature Libraries compose “smart components” that can be integrated into applications
    Decentralized Infrastructure

If you’re looking for a product that prioritizes privacy and security, look no further than the Creative platform. We build with decentralized tools to ensure users own all their data - we control none of it. So you can rest assured that your information is safe and sound. Plus, our user-friendly interface makes it easy to access your data whenever you need it.

So why wait? Make the switch to the Creative platform today!

Product Features

The Creative platform is a gamified blockchain platform for independent creators, fans, and brands to collaborate directly and earn rewards using P2E DeFi incentives.

The creative platform is using Textile to store content and to persist that data permanently using Filecoin. We have successfully integrated Filecoin storage using Polygon bridge into our existing Textile implementation.

We are using Fleek to host the Creative platform on IPFS.

The creative platform uses Chainlink to issue NFTs to winners of raffles using their verifiable random functionality (VRF), and oracles to verify users on our platform by going off-chain to Twitter and verifying against existing Twitter accounts.

Another product feature includes the use of Polygon. Polygon serves as our initial blockchain for release because of its L2 operability. Using Polygon allows our platform to have fast transactions, and low gas fees, which in turn affords our platform a continuous positive web3 user experience.

The creative platform uses fiat on-ramp wallets like Transak and multichain functionality via Venly. It allows mass adoption appeal by reducing limitations on how users interact with the platform.

With the usage of the Superfluid protocol, the Creative platform affords the ability to stream daily royalties to creators when uploaded to streaming platforms: (Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, Beatport, YouTube, etc.). The platform also can stream social tokens to fans as a reward incentive for fan votes.

We added Snapshot support within our application that allows users to vote on campaigns and claim a campaign POAP. Hence, you must have one of the POAP’s listed to vote, which means you must constantly stay engaged or your voting rights will eventually expire.

We started phase one by building out a truly decentralized way of communicating using Lens by Aave and Mask Network.
We have integrated Loom SDK to visually show Creatives what the brand is looking for in these submissions.


The Creative platform has gained the attention of both creatives of multiple industries and brands alike. Recently, the Creative platform gained the attention and interest of multi Grammy-winning Chicago house record label S+S records and superstar rapper Megan Thee Stallion. New brand interests include Los Angeles-based dog streetwear brand Fresh Paws, luxury clothing line Moncler, and luxury Swiss watch brand Breitling.

Previous Grants

Chainlink - $1k

Protocol Labs- $250

Filecoin - $5k

MetaCartel - $10k


You can track the Creative platform on our DeWork.

Our current goal is to release the Creative platform on Polygon Mainnet in October:

  • Contracts
  • Subgraphs
  • Infrastructure
  • Libraries
  • Applications

Next steps, we strive to deliver:

Beta Release

  • Moving out of Alpha with a successful QA
  • Update documentation
  • Integrate RARA social. This will help with curation of the NFTs minted on our platform. This integration allows fans that will vote for campaign submissions to earn USDC for each vote. Furthermore, this will give NFT collections or 1/1’s a community signal before they are ever sold.
  • Integrate web3 social comms and collab infrastructure (Lens Protocol & Mask Network)
  • NFT marketplaces… We would like to include multiple NFT marketplaces throughout our platform, giving the creators every marketplace option there is to list their NFT’s. However, we would like to start with the two largest NFT marketplaces, Opensea and Rarible.
  • Integration of Orange Protocol for reputation scoring that tracks your career progress and allows you to mint specific NFTs with additional platform utilities to help you increase your tool set and presence. By continuing building out our subgraph to provide the data that’s needed to interact with their data models.
  • Resolve any bugs during QA

Public Release

  • Moving out of Beta with a successful security audit
  • Resolving any issues identified in testing and adding additional features
  • Marketing to the wider ecosystem


May 2021: Chainlink chose the Creative platform as the winner for the ETHGlobal Scaling Ethereum hackathon for the best use case of Chainlink protocol.

July 2021: Protocol Labs chose the Creative platform for the best use of Textile storage.

October 2021: Creative platform was chosen by Filecoin to receive a next-step micro-grant for our initial integration of, with the next steps to integrate Filecoin using Polygon <> Filecoin bridge and Ethereum <> Filecoin bridge.

November 2021: Creative hosted its first Twitter Space alongside Chainlink, where we discussed our integration and what benefit this can present to creatives, fans, and brands. Creative platform distributed an exclusive commemorative Chainlink and Creative POAP for all attendees of the event.

Being a platform that was incubated through multiple hackathons and contributors, we have progressed to a level of 50% completion. With many of the aforementioned features currently in place or under development.

December 2021: Creative Organization is a recipient of a 10k grant from MetaCartel.

June 2022: Speaker at NFT.NYC 2022. Advertised the platform and created a list of contact leads. This opportunity also allowed us to connect with other creative communities and test our use case for a need.

August 1, 2022: We have completed our 1st Alpha… This opened up additional room for thought and additional partnerships.

August 3, 2022: As a DAO, we are continually looking for better ways to stay engaged. As a result, manifested a unique partnership with a Desktop/VR collaboration software company based out of unique interest in our project: MeetinVR. This affords us more interaction with our members within our DAO, idea spaces, presentation training and more.

Currently: Preparing for our first community member featured NFT collection drop: Urban Uprise Crew This will be a gateway for 10k users to build with us the remainder of our platform and build closer with the creator economy.

Differentiation (from other projects)

The differentiation between our project and others is that we give creatives the ability to develop a career path by earning paid reputations with brands, daily royalties, multichain compatibility, and tools to further their career with DeFi tools (i.e. liquidity pools and ticket staking for individual creator events and needs).

Creative Moodboard


Founder/Developer - Gawain “G2” Bracy II

Developer - Rashmi “Torch” Abbigeri

Smart Contract Developer - Ryan “Crispymangoes” Buxman

Community Manager - Delvric “Dee” Tezeno

Marketing - Ryan Nau

Content Writing - Christina Borrowlucid

Additional Contributors: Contributors to g2entgroup/creative-ui-2.2 · GitHub

Grant Request $


What Are Funds For

Creating additional developer bounties via for the above listed beta features- $5,000 Code auditing and operations costs—$5,000

View 2022 Budget Sheet

Additional Resources, Links, Portfolio

Links Bio: @creativecrtv Lnk.Bio · link in bio


DAO: DAOhaus



this type application-layer project isn’t really a good fit for funding from Moloch, but I appreciate the interest