Grant Proposal - clu3

Project Title
clu3 service

Short Description
Use clu3 to get rid of undesired bots putting their hands on your smart contracts!

Long Description
clu3 is an easy-to-implement modular blockchain tool that works with a modular Solidity function that lets any Smart Contract add any web2/web3 humanity proof between functions to avoid the bots automatic transactions, for example, a CAPTCHA (as seen in our working PoC).

Everyone in the space hates undesired bots transacting within us! the developers when they are willing to open a project to the real community for their organic growth and the degens when they are going for their slot in some activation but are late because the bots got everything in 0.69 milliseconds.

To do so we use a Keccak-256 signed string made by a timestamp, senderAddress, and unique id (clu3_id) to reference each implementation, so we can avoid signature mining, tx hijacking, and signature re-use respectively.

In the SC we set the filters to confirm a valid transaction, letting pre-configured whitelisted addresses bypass the filter (for the own developer’s purposes) and a modular read/write web3 storage service buffer connection to check used timestamps, for our prototype demo site we use on-chain storage.

How it’s Made: Using eth-crypto in the off-chain functions and the native Ethereum Keccak-256 cryptographic libraries for validation purposes and a human-generated timestamp variable as a unique coexisting reference IRL<->Blockchain, we developed a ready-to-use Solidity function to avoid the undesired (not all) Bots to transaction in some (or all) functions of our Smart Contracts.

This function is Modular and for our prototype, we use the on-chain read/write module but it can be used and optimized to work with any web3 data storage service and also an Oracle. The service needed to generate the signature is programmed in node.js with eth-crypto. Other modules of web3 datastorage and Humanity Verification are going to be developed for our prototyping so the user can choose where to store his buffer depending on other interests he might have but also add other new/future web3 storage services without needing to rewrite the whole tool.

This modular tool will work with any HumanityProof service and web3 data storage.

Grant Request $

  • 5000 DAI (USD)


  1. Improve the clu3 PoC (already working and downloadable from our repo) to a MVP following high developments standards.

  2. Implement the web3 storage module for SmartContracts with as many web3 storage services as possible.

  3. Open the standard to be compatible with Optimistic and Standard on-chain Oracles.

  4. Implement the most extended web2 Humanity Proof protocols to let them work on web3 and encourage the community to develop new ones.

  5. In the meanwhile spread the word about clu3 on Twitter spaces and let the community know about this tool.

  6. Improve documentation, creating videos about the implementation.

Funding Use

  1. New modules for web3 data storage, web3 oracle implementation, and humanity-proof systems.

  2. Documentation and video tutorial development.

  3. To complete the MVP and provide the clu3 services for developments that don’t want to run their own clu3 service.

Team Members

Gianluca Di Bella - Project Team Manager.

Graduated as System’s Engineer at Universidad Metropolitana in Venezuela, Caracas. Currently working as Software Engineer for Senko Soft developing mobile and web apps. Now focusing 100% to change to web3 development and looking forward to gain expertise

German Abal - Web3 Developer since 2018, currently with a portfolio of 4 open-source/public-goods: Datamorpho, EIP-1492, ZAP!, and clu3 (this one).

Currently working to focus 100% on web3 as a developer and entrepreneur.

member # 3
Melany Ramirez - A Community Builder focused on connecting American companies with Latam devs, with a past working on Chipinco, a Mexican startup that focused on creating mobile video games.

This is my first web3 background project


  • MIT Licensed (free to use), Open-Source.

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