Grant Proposal:

Project Title

The World’s First Charitable Metaverse

We’re building a platform where you can donate to any cause you
care about with FIAT or Crypto and in return receive a unique 3D
NFT that represents and visualises the real world impact of your

Through our “play-to-give” metaverse, we’re gamifying the act of
donating to charity and therefore incentivising higher donations
and allowing charities/ NGOs to tap into new demographics.

To build a virtual environment called Betterverse where both retail level and corporate donors can represent and showcase their donations in an entertaining way.

In a digital-led world where Gen Z and Millennials expect highly
engaging, intuitive and easily digestible experiences, the act of
donating to charity has stagnated and tree planting certificates
aren’t doing it for users anymore.
A platform and 3D metaverse that holds the hands of charities into
the often overwhelming world of Web 3/ Blockchain, providing a
highly engaging experience that tells the story of each users’
donation and provides a way of visualising/ sharing the good
people are doing for the planet, its animals and people.

Product Features
Q3 2022 - MVP Release, this is a donation platform where users can donate to a specific tree planting cause (with a charity we have partnered with) and view the impact of their donation(s).
Q4 2022 - Bettercoin (our in-game currency) release where users can stake their token on their donation NFTs.
Q2 2023 - Betterverse metaverse where all donations can be represented virtually and interacted with to see their impact.

Partnered with three tree planting charities (OneTreePlanted, More:Trees, TreeNation).


  • Token and smart contract development 90% complete.
  • NFT procedural generation workflow 100% complete.
  • Web app front-end & back-end 80% complete.
  • Three charity partners
  • Supported by Polygon Studios

Differentiation (from other projects)
There is currently a great organisation called The Giving Block that allows users to donate to charities with crypto. However, first of all users cant select a particular cause, so no trackable donation, secondly, their is no reward for the donors to feel incentivised and entertained by.

Team of five co-founders
George Ing (CEO) -
Hayden Sherwood (CTO) -
Torsten Power (Creative Director) -
Finn Judell (CFO and Tokenomics Architect) -
Jack Lomax (COO) -

Grant Request $
What the Funds Are For
This grant will be enough to get us to our MVP. If we start this last MVP development phase it will take us 6 weeks to release.

  • Finalising our smart contract
  • Finalising our procedural generation workflow and final renders
  • Web app front-end and backend development
  • Website assets

Additional Resources, Links, Portfolio

this is an application-layer project, which won’t really contribute to solving a Public Good Problem. I don’t think it’s a good fit for funding from Moloch personally