[Grant Application] Web3 Rural Inititiave

Project name Web3 Rural

Description A web3 skill acquisition center for financially incapacitated Nigerian students in the rural and slum areas to learn a web3 skill, earn in web3 and ultimately become active builders and advocates of the web3 ecosystem.

Brief intro of your project in 1-2 sentences

Vision: To promote financial liberation among students in the rural and slum areas of Africa, beginning from Nigeria, through web3 skills.

Problem: There is a web3 tech gap in the rural and the rural-urban areas of Nigeria (a demographic that makes up the majority of the country’s population). This is as a result of the limitations of poverty and lack of basic amenities that can facilitate access to the internet and its knowledge.

A practical approach to eliminating this limitation includes the provision of sustainable skills for the young adults of this population who are done with secondary school education (High school equivalent) but lack the financial means to further to the university,

A web3 skill acquisition initiative that scouts and identifies students in this demographic, impacts them with the different core skills in web3, and gets them familiar with ways to earn through internship connections.

Describe the project in detail including…
How does the project relate to blockchain or web3?
Beneficiaries of this project are taught in the different career paths and earning opportunities in the web3 space.

How are you encouraging other women/minorities to be part of your community?

Through practical education for the minorities in the area
Through periodic campaigns and educational programs for their parents, guardians and the general adults in the rural and slum area where the hub is located.

Validation / Traction / Progress so far:

11 students who are being delayed further to the university due to financial constraint have been identified. They are currently being taught the theoretical aspect of web3, they are learning the different skills they can choose.


Abiodun Temitope-Yewande. Lead/ Founder: A web3 Business developer and content writer with over 4 years of experience developing marketing and communications contents for web3 startups and companies.

Adetola Ogunsanya: An budding smart contract developer and NFT degen with over 2 years of experience in the web3 space.

Peter Olawuyi: A web3 product manager with 5 years of experience working for startups and companies

Grant Amount Requested

10000 USD

What it will be used for?

Setting up the physical hub with gadgets, paying welfare for volunteer tutors and daily running of the hub.

Setting up the physical Center ($6000)
Daily operational costs and cohort round up ($4000)
Further breakdown in the deck link provided.

Attach any additional documents/resources about the project if you have any.
Web3 Rural - Google Drive

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