[Grant Application] Web3 education launchpad - EdLabs

Project Name: EdLabs
Team: Lindsay Rosenthal (https://www.linkedin.com/in/lindsay-rosenthal/) and Bally Kehal (https://www.linkedin.com/in/ballykehal/)
Description: Web3 onboarding and certification for 1 million students, developers and business professionals through personalized & gamified microlearning.

Vision: As a young female crypto native educator, I am passionate about spreading accessible information about crypto, blockchain and web3 so that everyone can easily learn about the technology and become part of the wave building the future. EdLabs will be the launchpad people can come to to learn, earn, and then activate their learning by getting connected to projects and companies in the space.

Problem: We can all agree that coming into the web3 space is incredibly clunky, confusing, and male dominated. Onboarding usually consists of wandering through Twitter threads and Discord channels. We cannot expect the next wave of builders and non crypto degens to put up with this type of experience to learn and then be able to move the space forward. We must meet great web2 minds in learning experiences they like and are accustomed to.


  1. Personalized Microlearning (Learn): Users experience impactful TikTok style microlearning lessons that enables the busiest of people to keep moving forward in their journey of mastering web3 concepts.
  2. NFT Certification and Gamification (Reward): On completion of a personalized learning path, users receive a verified NFT certificate of completion. Users can earn points from learning, networking, marketplace participation and more to work to get to the top of leaderboards.
  3. Project marketplace (Activate): Access to the project marketplace to begin utilizing skills and launching into a web3 career.

Encouraging women/minorities to launch into web3: Women and minorities are the main users we are excited to come alongside of and bring into web3. We need their minds and collaboration to bring the technology to mass adoption. I am excited to have already made partnerships with other women communities like F3 Ventures to provide seats to our web3 education curriculum to women/minority builders and students. We will continue to partner with other minority communities as we build and develop to educate and empower.

Validation / Traction / Progress: Earlier this year, I created a community of hundreds of top web3 thought leaders and educators called CG Pantheon from companies like Consensys, Robinhood, Morgan Stanley. This community was also focused on women empowerment and is half female/non-binary. This community has transitioned into the powerful EdLabs Council. The Council, alongside in-house educators are creating the expansive EdLabs curriculum.

Team Descriptions:

  • Lindsay Rosenthal (she/her), CEO of EdLabs. Built community of top web3 thought leaders, launched NFT collection called Crypto Goddesses and Gods which donated $ to girls education, runs Web3 Podcast with Lindsay Rosenthal

  • Bally Kehal, CFO of EdLabs. ex-Microsoft. Been in the online learning space ~10 years, launched many successful learning academies for customers like Microsoft, CapGeminiā€¦

Fund Ask/Use:
10,000 DAI

  • 20 hours of curriculum development and course prep (3,000 DAI)
  • 15 hours of expert instruction (3,000 DAI)
  • 20 hours towards platform development (4,000 DAI)

Feel free to reach out to me with questions either at info@edlabs.xyz or my twitter https://twitter.com/lindsay_rose__

Hi Lindsay,

The members of Meta Gamma Delta DAO want to thank you for your recent grant application submission. The decision-making process was difficult as we had a variety of powerful groups and organizations interested in a limited amount of grant dollars.

Unfortunately, your application was not selected for funding at this time. However, we would really appreciate you keeping us posted on further development and growth and hope you apply again in the future. Membership to Meta Gamma Delta DAO is always open should you be interested and in general, we look forward to connecting in the metaverse!