[Grant Application] Wanderlust Wellness Retreat

Wanderlust Wellness Retreat

Description: Wanderlust Wellness Retreat is a wellness destination in Jamaica that merges traditional wellness experiences with blockchain technology, from accepting crypto payments to integrating AR and NFTs into its offerings.

Vision: To create a transformative wellness journey that uniquely combines physical wellness, mental rejuvenation, and digital blockchain-enabled experiences, leading the way in the wellness and blockchain sectors.

Problem: The gap between traditional wellness services and the potential that blockchain technology holds for enriching these experiences remains largely unexplored, creating a missed opportunity for a holistic, technologically enhanced wellness journey.

Solution/Product: Wanderlust Wellness Retreat bridges this gap by integrating blockchain technology, AR experiences, and NFT art exhibits into its wellness services. Moreover, our vision is to expand into the Metaverse, providing immersive wellness classes and events in a digitally interactive environment.

In detail, our relationship with blockchain and web3 takes various forms. We accept crypto payments, and our wellness services are enriched with AR and NFT components, creating a blend of physical and digital experiences. Furthermore, we are working towards establishing a presence in the Metaverse, creating a platform for digital wellness experiences.

Our strategy for inclusivity, community expansion, and sustainability is multifaceted. We plan to welcome women and underrepresented communities to our retreats and online gatherings, extending sponsorships to those who could greatly benefit from our programs but face financial barriers. We are also deeply rooted in the principles of eco-tourism, with a strong commitment to creating an environmentally conscious wellness experience that positively impacts the local community and environment. This commitment to sustainability dovetails with our efforts to stimulate blockchain technology comprehension and interaction within our collective, nurturing an informed, empowered, and diverse community while contributing to the health of our planet.

Validation / Traction / Progress so far: Currently, Wanderlust Wellness Retreat is in its pre-operational phase. Our efforts are mainly concentrated on fundraising, perfecting our unique concept, applying to accelerator programs for further growth, and scouting for the perfect physical location in Jamaica for our retreat.


Kimberly Rhoden – Founder/CEO: Kimberly is a Marketing & Communications specialist with a passion for blockchain and Web3 technology.

Othmaro Service - CFO: An experienced accountant with a broad understanding of the crypto world and business finance management.

Concept Deck: Linked here

What will it be used for?: We plan to use the requested grant to fund the creation, design, and publication of a series of unique books, including recipe collections and children’s literature. These high-quality publications are envisioned as valuable fundraising assets to financially support the development and operational costs of Wanderlust Wellness Retreat. This way, we are channeling the funds towards producing tangible resources that will both engage and grow our community as well as facilitate our growth.

Here is a rough breakdown:

Content creation and editing for books: $3,000

Book design and Illustrations: $2,000

Printing and publishing costs: $3,000

Marketing and promotional activities: $2,000

How did you hear about MGD’s Funding program?: Through a dedicated search for funding opportunities for women-led blockchain and Web3 initiatives.

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