[GRANT APPLICATION] - Token Engineering Career Builder for Womxn in Web 3

Token Engineering Career Builder for Womxn in Web 3

We want to increase the representation of Womxn in designing crypto-economic networks by launching a Token Engineering career building platform similar to https://www.adaslist.co/ or https://www.stemwomen.org.au/.

This project involves supporting womxn to develop careers in designing holistic blockchain systems.

The platform will serve as a hub for womxn in web 3 looking to build careers in Token Engineering to access an online community, connect with other womxn in web 3 around the world, visualise their career roadmap and feel empowered in their journey to building careers as token engineers.

Token Engineering is a new discipline training people to design effective incentives and other mechanisms governing blockchain networks. Whilst this calls for a multi-disciplinary approach, the majority of students, speakers and thought leaders are male as they come from engineering and computer science backgrounds.

How are you encouraging other women/minorities to be part of your community?

We are currently running a study group for womxn in web 3 - bringing together a multi-disciplinary group of female and non-binary budding token engineers. Here is a snapshot of the academic/professional backgrounds of our participants:

Data Science - Law - Economics - Development - Innovation Policy - Design - Public Policy - Geography - Software Development - Behavioural Science - Finance - Physics - Maths -Business Development - Accountancy - Cybersecurity

As part of building our Womxn in Web 3 network, we capture our knowledge, discussions, insights and learnings on a collaborative MIRO board (Miro | Online Whiteboard for Visual Collaboration) and deliver workshops highlighting the barriers faced by underrepresented learners in studying Token Engineering: Empowering Underrepresented Learners in Token Engineering — Madhuri Rahman and Lena Hierz

Validation / Traction / Progress so far

  • 26 sign ups to most recent cohort
  • 10 core members (regularly attending, contributing, recruiting, marketing)
  • 20 supporters (sporadically attending, contributing, recruiting, marketing)

Visualisation of the diverse range of womxn currently in our community:


We are a diverse team from the UK, Germany and Nigeria. We connected over a passion for increasing representation in the space. We bring fresh perspectives from fields of Psychology, Learning and Ecosystem Design, Systems Innovation, Software Development, and Ethical AI.

You can check us out online:

Grant Amount Requested

10,000 USD

What will it be used for?

  1. Womxn in Web 3 Skills Showcasing @ 2,500 USD
  • Remuneration for 10 articles @ 250 USD per article

We will call out for womxn in our current community to propose to write articles related to Token Engineering between now and December 2023. The community will vote on the 10 articles to be written which we will offer remuneration for.

  1. Data Collection @ 7,500 USD
  • Remuneration for 30 days work @ 250 USD per day to write a short report on barriers faced by womxn in:
    • Completing TE Fundamentals.
    • Choosing career paths as Token Engineers
    • Putting their TE skills into practice within their own startups and organisations.

In order to build traction for the initiative and begin designing the platform around the needs of our community, we’d like to begin by conducting more detailed user research. This will also help to bring more visibility within the Token Engineering community

How did you hear about MGD’s Funding program?

Through a member of the Womxn in Web 3 Study Group - Rika Goldberg.