[grant application] the homies dao

Project Name: The Homies DAO

Description: Founded by Iman Europe, one of the most well-known black leaders in the music web3 space, The Homies DAO intends to bring wellness to the forefront of web3.

Vision: The Homies DAO is a new onchain community that is focused on making space for creators to connect, collaborate, and receive support for their work, while emphasizing the importance of wellness in web3. While many current platforms in the space tend to prioritize the art of artists, The Homies DAO focuses on the heart of artists, and their needs beyond creating.

Problem: New artists everyday are trying to find their footing in web3 and learn how to start their journeys, while artists currently in the space are looking for more ways to find a healthy balance between wellness & building. Through education and communal support, The Homies plan to be a resource for both.

Solution: Our goal is to become a resource for wellness in web3 by providing members with wellness tools, hosting wellness events and offline retreats, supporting and producing artist projects, and ultimately carving out a space for wellness in web3. We also plan to offer educational content to minority groups, such as women and the black/brown community to get them more involved onchain.

The Homies plan to learn together at a healthier pace while offering an easier way for artists to connect with one another. This holistic approach reduces the risk of burnout that can come from being overwhelmed and spread too thin.

Progress so far: The Homies DAO has 20 official DAO members and 500+ followers on Twitter.


Iman Europe: The Homies DAO was founded by Iman Europe, a multi-talented Black artist, philanthropist, and builder in the web3 space. While Head of Artist Relations at Sound.xyz, she found herself searching for balance between responsibilities and wellness. Through her own experience, as well as the experiences of her fellow artists, she recognized the need for a community and organization dedicated to promoting wellness for creatives.

With that in mind, Iman founded The Homies DAO, a community led organization committed to supporting the physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing of artists. She recognized the potential of web3 technology to empower artists to prioritize their wellness, cultivate sustainable practices, and connect with like-minded peers.

Jarrod T: Jarrod has an extensive background in both marketing and finance, and as a major resource within Web3. As Iman’s manager, Jarrod will excel in the planning and organization of The Homies DAO.

HIFI Labs is a bespoke creative technology partner that helps independent artists optimize their relationship to their fans and customers by incentivizing engagement and empowering a direct connection, enabling more opportunities for promotion and revenue. HifiLabs will be assisting The Homies DAO in planning, producing, and activation.

Grant Amount Requested: $10,000

This $10,000 grant will go towards supporting artist projects in the web3 space and putting together wellness events in Los Angeles.

  • Our first “Homies Hangout”:

We are excited to host our first “Homies Hangout”, an event centered around physical, mental, and emotional wellness. Guests will enjoy a spinning class followed by a sound bath, a group therapy session, an affirmation circle, and a mixer. We believe that events like this are great ways for people to connect deeper with themselves while also connecting with others. Since there aren’t many web3 events centered around wellness, we are excited to create a space for our guests to relax, release, and receive.

The cost breakdown for this event is as follows:

Venue: $1K

This is to rent out the venue for the remainder of the event. Also a fee for venue workers for clean up, set up and extra assistance during the event

Group-Led Workshops: $1.5K

This budget will cover the Sound Bath Healing Session, DJ, and a group therapy leader. Post our workout class.

Decorations and Homies DAO gifts: $500

We are budgeting for decorations and thank you gifts, specifically custom HomiesDAO bags with items like notebooks, pens, PH+ water, and wellness essentials for attendees to enjoy.

Media Coverage: $1K

We understand the importance of documenting our first event. This budget will cover an onsite photographer and videographer.

  • We will use the remaining $5K to collect and support artist projects onchain, cover operational costs, provide wellness resources to our members, increase visibility of our wellness community, and put towards our next Homies Hangout.

Here is more information on our first Homies Hangout.
NOTE: Please note that date is TBA with hopes to host in August, 2023.

Thank you for your consideration! :grinning:

Hi, I’m struggling to understand why and how you are a DAO. It seems like you want to organize an event and you have a Discord community. You have not provided any relevant links about yourself or your “organization.” Other than the flyer, what, if anything, can you share? Lastly, 10k is an egregious amount to ask for, given the points I have raised.

Hi Rika,

I can definitely understand you wanting more details.

I’ll start with Iman. In addition to being an independent musician, she was the head of artist relations at Sound.xyz for a year and a half. She led several wellness and live events for the community over there, and feels a great responsibility to help improve the wellness overall for Web3 - artists and musicians specifically. Here are some of her links:

Personal Site: https://imaneurope.xyz/
Homies DAO: https://thehomiesdao.xyz/
Articles: 10 Artists in the NFT Space to Follow in 2023
Bloomberg - Are you a robot?

HIFI Labs is also helping with day-to-day operations. You can read more about them here:

Website: Welcome to HIFI Labs | HIFI Labs

Lastly, in addition to working with Iman as her manager in both the traditional sense and on the Web3 side, I worked for HUDDLN/XP Protocol (https://xp-protocol.io/) as the growth and creative director.

As far as to WHY we are a DAO, this structure allows for the most input from members to contribute and organize wellness events that they want to see.

When it comes to the funds, the first half of our request has been itemized but the remaining funds would allow for us to set a follow-up date in September for the next event and continue to expand The Homies.

We’d also be happy to answer more questions over a call if there are further concerns. Thanks for taking the time to review everything!