[Grant Application] The Chain Miami

Project Name: The Chain Miami

The Chain Miami is a curated community and social club for the top web3 executives, builders, and enthusiasts in Miami. Through bear markets and bull, we bring like-minded individuals together, forging genuine friendships and expanding our IRL web3 networks.

We believe the future of communities are micro-niche communities. We’ve identified the 5 key components that make communities successful and our vision is to build the future of IRL micro-niche communities powered by blockchain technology.

We’re testing our framework with The Chain Miami and our long term vision is to expand The Chain’s community model and support other communities through the framework we’re developing. Our goal is for one day communities to use our framework and not even know it’s powered by blockchain.


  • It’s hard to meet other people in web3 in your city

  • Community success does not need to be measured by number of members.

  • Engagement has drastically decreased during the bare market

  • Communities crave IRL connections

  • If you don’t incentivize members properly, engagement decreases

Micro niche communities are the future of community and we’re building the framework for this through The Chain Miami.

There are 5 components to this community framework:

  1. Intentional / curated connections
  2. Exclusive but inclusive
  3. Rewards and Incentivization
  4. Credibility
  5. Content

Our framework includes these 5 components and we’re validating our theory by building The Chain Miami with this framework.

To join The Chain Miami you will need to apply to become a member through a wallet gated application. This well help keep the community exclusive to people in web3 or interested in learning about it. Once you’re accepted you have access to our members database and our leaders board and rewards system. Our members database will allow you to intentionally meet people who are in web3 in Miami. Our leaders board and rewards system will track engagement and incentivize members to get involved in the community beyond web3. You’ll get points for attending our events but also get points for volunteering at our partnered non-profits.


  • We have 400 people part of our community in Miami
  • We’ve hosted a web3 dinner club the first Tuesday of every month for over a year. A total of 14.
  • The Chain Miami is now an application-based community and to apply you must connect your wallet, that way we can validate people are in web3
  • We have a developer helping us build the technology that will power our community

Monica Rojas: Co-Founder of The Chain Miami, Head of Community at Upstream

Monica is Head of Community at Upstream where she is building the future of communities through their DAO-in-a-box, no code, full-stack platform.

At Upstream, they focus on supporting and building inclusive communities in the web3 space on a global scale. Monica is also the Co-Founder of The Chain Miami - a web3 insider guide to web3 events and educational resources in Miami.

Over the years, Monica has supported South Florida’s Tech and Startup Scene. Prior to Upstream she has spent her time connecting startups, investors, major tech communities, and universities in South Florida.

She uses her diverse experience to use creativity as the gateway to help meet the needs of our growing web3 community.

Anna Gandrabura: Founder, Educator, Community Builder, Social media Influencer

Anna is an accomplished educator and entrepreneur who has made a significant impact in the world of edtech. With 14 years of experience under her belt, she has become a recognized name in the industry.

She also bootstrapped English For IT , which is helping tech professionals around the globe improve their communication skills.

She is also a co-founder of The Chain Miami, an insider guide to web3 events and educational resources in Miami.

Saimano Lingam Full Stack Web, Ethereum Application Developer @RaidGuild

With 4 years of solid tech experience, I bring a strong track record as a capable full stack developer who’s driven by innovation and an unwavering passion for Ethereum’s potential, I’m a self-taught professional developer dedicated to shaping a decentralized future. My journey in web design and development has been accentuated by collaborations within web3 communities, forging meaningful connections between innovation and positive impact.

From spearheading the dynamic Bufficorn Trait Swapper in the Bufficorn Buidl Brigade NFT collection to driving the creation of an intuitive dashboard for collateral vaults in Reflexer Finance, my role transcends coding - it’s about engineering vibrant ecosystems that empower users. The Guild Genie AI bot I developed, driven by openai and vector stores, fosters community cohesion, exemplifying the convergence of AI and engagement.

Amount in USD

What it will be used for?
Hiring a female-owned marketing agency to run our content plan
Timeline: September - December
Amount: $6,000

IRL events
September - $500
October - $500
November - $500
December - $500

Please provide a specific line item budget to show how you will use the funds

Attach any additional documents/resources about the project if you have any
Website: TheChain.Miami

How did you hear about MGD’s Funding program?
I heard about the funding program through a friend who tagged us on Twitter