[Grant Application] Rhythmic Alliance DAO

Project Name
Rhythmic Alliance DAO

Rhythmic Alliance DAO is a decentralized and dynamic ecosystem leveraging Web3 technologies to foster innovation, research, and development through a lens of transformation. We strive to create a supportive community that operates at its highest frequencies to generate multi-faceted value.

We aspire for Rhythmic Alliance DAO to become a large, diverse community of practitioners, consultants, and clients, fostering collaboration to generate financial, social, and ecological value. Our goal is to establish greater coherence across individual and collective rhythms to enhance wellness, creativity, and prosperity.

Our longterm vision is of a collaborative and decentralized network of physical atelier/retreat locations around the world that host experimentation and respite for the RA DAO community and other potential members. We consider this to be part of a spatial computing paradigm that is developing right now.

Many individuals struggle with an overemphasis on productivity, which can lead to anxiety, reduced empowerment, and diminished creativity. Rhythmic Alliance DAO addresses this issue by fostering an environment that encourages diverse rhythms and collaborative processes, which research suggests leads to improved overall wellness and creativity.

Target Member Segment
Rhythmic Alliance DAO seeks creative process practitioners who are passionate about exploring the intersections of wellness, creativity, and innovation, and who are committed to working collaboratively to develop bespoke and interdependent relationships with each other so as to increase health and generate new value. Potential members are curious about working with emerging technologies to amplify their offerings and desire to actively participate in paradigm shifting.

Rhythmic Alliance DAO is a Web3 R&D innovation and wellness platform, aimed at encouraging personal growth and community development through a combination of IRL (In Real Life) and URL (online) methods. Our innovative Trust Oases encourage deep trust building within our community, while our research and development processes result in novel tools and practices that shape our present and future, including platform innovations, personal processing methods, and protocols for sustainable future living. Working with web3 and our own vibrant processes, we develop propositions and tools that are shaping our now, all while generating a new, nourishing economic ecosystem.

How it works:
Trust Oases: One of the key differences between Rhythmic Alliance DAO and many other Web3 organizations, is that we believe that developing multi-dimensional trust with each other is foundational to any resilient structure. Such trust, as of yet, is not normally possible to generate through URL interactions alone (nor at first). We therefore have developed the idea of Trust Oases (TOs), or durations in which time is not a variable and through which members and potential members explore with intensity and openness in the IRL. Trust Oases may look and feel quite different from each other: some are organized by RA DAO leadership, others organized by members and potential members, and still others will only be recognized as such in retrospect. All TOs are donation based, with revenue covering location/event costs. Any excess moves into the RA DAO pool. Also through TOs, we will experiment with giving financial value to participants who request it as a way to invert the usual economic paradigm.

R&D: Members connect to the platform and each other using both IRL and URL methods. Through individual investigations and collaborative explorations, novel tools and processes emerge, which are utilized by the RA DAO community and others. These tools include platform innovations, personal processing methods, XR instruments & atmospheres, and protocols for living into our future, rather than from our past. All such tools are toward living from and being guided by our hearts/intuition and therefore a more sustainable/ecologically based future.

Financial: Using a variety of IRL and URL methods, when our members share aspects of their explorations within the community, a cloud of time sensitive tokens (‘Morphogems’) are generated with the specific tag connecting them to the initiating member/process. As other members explore each other’s fields, they pick up Morphogems that are interesting or relate to their own process. Such interaction initiates propagation more tokens. Also, members always have the option of translating their community offerings to NFTs, which can be acquired with both fiat and native token. (Eventually, members will be able to exchange Morphogems and fiat currency with little effort).

How we are financially sustainable:
Rhythmic Alliance DAO is being bootstrapped by its two founders. While we are interested in changing the business model, our culture’s current context isn’t quite ready to support these efforts. While, as mentioned previously, we will be experimenting on a small-scale with alternate models, our primary and initial business model includes the need for members to buy-in. Once there are enough members (we are aiming for between 150-200 individuals by year’s end of RA’s launch), financial sustainability will be ensured through participation, momentum, and adjustment in scaling protocols. As with almost all DAOs and other Web3 projects, transactions, treasury, and decisions will be transparent and community led (within the framework and mission of RA DAO). One possibility we are considering is that initial buy-in will be on a scale that is dependent on region. For example, individuals in rural areas will be offered a scale reflecting the average income range. Such buy-in strategy would also help ensure diversity in our member population.

How does the project relate to blockchain or web3?
In all healthy ecosystems, rhythmic coherence gives rise to some form of ‘trust’ from which value is distributed as symbiotic nourishment. In order to reshape our culture’s value protocol, we must rearrange how currency is understood. While blockchain and smart contracts enable a so-called ‘trustless’ network, to us, at Rhythmic Alliance, these technologies more accurately enable generation of more robust, impersonal trust. At this point in our species’ evolution, we need web3 technologies such as blockchains, smart contracts, and crypto finance to mediate a long-term paradigm shift that actually goes beyond our relationships with such technologies, deeply impacting our relationship with our world and ourselves.

RA DAO will be utilizing blockchain and smart contracts as the ever-building exoskeleton of our community.

We will begin creating pop-up MVPs/TOs in various locations throughout the U.S. and Central America within the next six months. These MVPs are designed as spaces for members and potential members to generate trust and coherence through investigating their essential questions in proximity. Such collaborative IRL durations will feed into the virtual DAO ecosystem. In order to shape the (ideally) decentralized space of web3 (into web4!) it is important to host IRL and URL events in tandem. In this manner we will open access to the collaborative and generative potentials of such technology to a far more diverse population.

Rhythmic Alliance DAOs native token is/will be the Morphogem, a token that will deteriorate with time if not used (as a currency, it is designed to be moving). Morphogems are distributed to each member upon entry into the ecosystem. Morphogems are generated each time there is a value transaction within the DAO. (Value transactions are not limited to financial aspects).

NFTs are first minted through relational processes; co-relators choose to mint an NFT each time an aspect of a process has been valuable/utilized. (As the ecosystem develops, novel minting cases are anticipated to arise). Later in RA DAO’s development, we will introduce diverse XR technologies; members will be able to create, in real time, their mind and heart maps. These ‘maps’ can be accessed and explored by other members, also in real time. We anticipate this process to involve Morphogem and NFT minting.

Encouraging women/minorities to be part of your community
As nomadic queer women co-founding Rhythmic Alliance, the project’s infrastructure and purpose necessitate (and attract) the involvement of typically marginalized voices - especially in the ‘tech’ field. By facilitating holistic wellness through bespoke, relational processes, we intentionally sidestep the hierarchical, the static, the misogynistic, and the conventional. Before the end of the year we are hoping to attend a number of tech & startup conferences including several specific to women and to queer individuals (such as Grace Hopper Celebration).

Validation / Traction / Progress so far
Our team has been in the process of on-going research and blueprint development. I have been developing the project through the structure of a Master’s degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship so as to give me more tools and time to create a strong foundation for the project’s launch. We are just moving into the next phase of attracting team members with complimentary skill sets to launch the project. This is a foundational step in our launch process as DAOs are inherently interdependent.

The team thus far includes my co-founder and my self. We are needing to locate other team members with the appropriate skill sets to help us lift off. These skills include platform development, programming, and social media ‘marketing.’

Rebekah Green is an experienced facilitator specializing in guiding individual and group dynamics through transformation. Mixing a rich background in various somatic work with trainings as a full-spectrum doula and Warm Data Lab host combined with a profound interest in creating conditions for transformation and growth, Rebekah brings deep compassion, curiosity and drive to her work. Currently exploring Web3 structures like DAOs, blockchains, and NFTs, she is passionate about innovative approaches that assist people in navigating their processes safely so as to bring about greater agency and more meaningful, organismic collaboration.

Rebekah’s LinkedIn

Melissa Turner, a nomadic futurist, artist, and organization leader, is deeply engaged in redefining human experience in the 21st century. She strives to dismantle societal stagnation using technology and entrepreneurship, with a focus on integrity, agency, trust, and potential. Currently, she’s co-founding ventures designed to bridge the gap between humans and AI, fostering a more diverse, resilient, and functional web of relations within our evolving digital landscape.

Melissa’s LinkedIn

Requested grant amount


Use of grant funds

  1. The majority of the requested amount will go toward our platform development. We would like to engage a small team of highly skilled and creative programmers and developers to assist us in bringing the concept into fruition. It may take anywhere from 4-12 months to develop our platform, according to some resources on platform development. The amount requested is specifically for the first stage of development: Design & Architecture as well as Development & Coding. (We will have been working extensively on the blueprint, and will have it ready for this stage).

  2. As we work to shift toward a human world driven by heart, we’ve conceived of an unorthodox method to develop our community. Namely, by giving potential members finances and other valuable assets in exchange for sharing their inherent value processes with the DAO. We hypothesize this method to jumpstart the vitality of the DAO with an integral foundation. By taking a two-pronged approach (simultaneous IRL and virtual), we will ensure a diverse mix of experiences, being able to onboard people into this ‘new technology’ that — in many lights — is actually an expression of natural forces.

  3. We would like to attend several conferences and have allocated a portion of requested funds to do so. Meeting more people who can assist us, as well as those who would be interested in participating/investing, will be essential in the success of Rhythmic Alliance.

  4. Marketing efforts to bring attention to potential members that this solution exists and needs their participation.

Budget for requested amount

  • Hire 1-3 people with complementary skills to assist in building platform
  • $4,000: Contracting programmer/developer for Design, Architecture, Development, and Coding of Rhythmic Alliance DAO platform
  • ‘Pop-up’ durational IRL DAOs (what we are terming Trust Oases)
  • $850: Event Hosting IRL Trust Oases in the various places we travel
  • $650: Experimenting with finance exchange, as detailed in the Trust Oases sectioned above, number two.
  • Attending two - three different Startup/Web3 conferences in the next eight months.
  • $1,000: entry fees spread over 2-3 events for two people
  • $500: travel and accommodation
  • Marketing
  • $400: developing marketing on specific channels (see additional documents)

Attach any additional documents/resources about the project if you have any.

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Rhythmic Alliance Explainer Video

Rhythmic Alliance Concept Deck

Finding Meta Gamma Delta

Through researching accelerators and incubators specific to startup DAOs for women founders.

Hi, I’m struggling to understand how and why you are a DAO. Also, do you have any experience creating in Web3? If so, please share links to your work.