[Grant Application] Outer Space Virtual Museum

Outer Space Virtual Museum

This is a metaverse museum of space exploration images mostly from NASA and ESA. It’s a 3D, virtual, immersive experience for greater inclusion in space missions.

People from all over the globe wish to be included in this exciting age of rocket launches and space exploration. But many lack proximity to these events and even space exploration museums are out of reach for most. Having this metaverse museum in a 3D virtual world allows for maximum inclusion.

We already have our prototype up that you can visit: https://frontierdao.xyz/faqs-projects

As the project lead, I have introduced this museum to the membership of AIAA, which is a 30K member organization based in the U.S. of aerospace and aeronautics professionals. Some of these members have been Beta Users offering their initial feedback to organizations like NASA, MIT and STEM Ed groups.

We have a strong start. And the Outer Space Virtual Museum was selected to be one of the featured Education galleries on OM (Punk 6529s open metaverse museum project).

I have since been subcontracted by the University of Hawaii through a NASA award that is focused on greater inclusion of STEM Ed and NASA missions for underrepresented communities. (I graduated from UH Manoa). This virtual museum will play a role in that curriculum development though it will not receive direct funding from the NASA grant.

Lead - Paige Donner (I have over 400 NFTs collected on Opesea that are NASA images)
3D Architect - Borya - she worked with me on this prototype and would like to continue
Ames Research Center - Advisors on the subcontracting award through UH Manoa

Amount: $10K
Used For: Further building out of the museum to add buildings and ongoing exhibits; curation of live, virtual events organized around key happenings such as the recent DART mission or the CREW5 Dragon launch. These events are numerous so we can easily do 1 a month to onboard new Museum Members and also offer opportunities for virtual meetups.
Sponsorship of budding space artists and using the museum to integrate Art into STEM = STEAM.
We see this grant as getting us to the next level to be able to attract sustaining membership dues.

The active links on https://frontierdao.xyz/faqs-projects for the Outer Space Virtual Museum will take you to:

  1. the virtual museum on Arium.xyz
  2. the gallery on Oncyber.io
  3. the NFT collections on Opensea.io/frontierdao

I heard about MGDs funding program through researching support for women co-founders and projects in WEB3 last year. I applied last January and was referred to Komorebi by your team. I applied with them as well but did not receive any grant funding. So far this is all bootstrapped.

Thank you for your consideration.
Your feedback is most welcomed! Ultimately we are looking to inspire young females’ interest in STEAM Ed through space exploration and accessibility to those experiences.

Paige Donner