[GRANT APPLICATION] Online Community Health app

Hey, I’m co-lead of TogetherCrew. I heard about you via Rika.

Project name: Community Health Dashboard

Description: Support community builders in their tremendous work of sustaining communities by reducing the burden of managing people and content.

Vision: It’s the conversation that make communities what they are. Our aim is to make web3 communities a safe space for everyone by supporting community managers in their work.


Today, Web3 communities are left to rely on infrequent transactions data (on-chain records), while data from the significantly more frequent social interactions is limited to basic indicators of Discord or Discourse, Web2 oriented bots like Statsbot, or a patchwork of “homemade” surveys to fill in the gaps. These solutions are time-consuming for community managers and contributors to use, and the results, hampered by poor indicators and/or poor sampling, are unreliable.

Perhaps even direr, the lack of real-time analytics leaves community leaders without established baselines to measure against to understand the impact of community-focused initiatives, monitor shocks to the system, or rapidly gauge the effects of system-wide changes (such as migrating to mainnet, market crashes, or new initiatives).


To address these limitations, TogetherCrew researched what it means to be a healthy community and integrated these insights into its community management tool. The tool makes community management less overwhelming by structuring data, summarizing content, and creating automatic workflows.

Thanks to this community managers can focus on actions that are hard to scale: Build relationships with members, understand members need, and create a sustainable and healthy culture. We help to surface “lost members” who might disengage, and the discovery of activities which community members value. Our chatbot solutions summaries posts and can translate them to other languages, breaking barriers between people. We are in the process of building an integration for Discourse and are ideating on governance analytics and member reputation score.

How we work

We are a distributed team that works in a permissionless manner. We span many time zones, from India to California, and consequently constantly deal with different culture (french sarcastic comments clashing with Dutch directness clashing with Asian politeness) while building a great team and product. Contributors join our team by joining RnDAO. We have a bounty system for new members to help them integrate in the team with small tasks, and help us understand their technical and communication skills.

Validation / Traction / Progress so far:
Our discord bot can be installed and the dashboard is available to community managers. We have 20 verified communities who are using our bot. In addition, 7 other communities have installed the bot, but I couldn’t find an invite link to the community. As we don’t collect any identifying information, I have no way of reaching out to them.

We have received grants from other DAOs and foundation, most recently Pokt Network, Optimism and Web3 foundation.


  • Katerina (contact person)- Co-lead TogetherCrew. Ph.D. using social network analysis. Since 2016 she is co-instructing a graduate course on data analytics for HR at Northwestern University. She has also co-organized the Learning in Networks sessions at the International Conference of Social Network Analysis (2018 - 2020), and previously advised a people analytics company on social network metrics.
    Twitter: katerinabohlec
    Linkedin: katerinab
    Blog: netnigma.io
    Github: katerinabc
  • Danielo - Instigator at RnDAO and CoLead at TogetherCrew. Previously, Head of Governance at Aragon, 8 years experience in Organization Design consulting (clients include Google, BCG, Daymler, The UN, and multiple startups), and visiting lecturer at Oxford University.
    Twitter: Daniel_Ospina
    LinkedIn: Conductal
  • Ashish - co-lead at TogetherCrew, Previously at Tata, I work at the intersection of innovation and customers. 8 years in startup incubation and innovation. I have launched and repositioned brands.
    Twitter: a_gangrade/
    LinkedIn: ashishgangrade
  • Cyrille Derché - Tech lead at TogetherCrew. Bsc. Computer Science. Ex-Accenture, Co-founder and CTO of SaaS company helping medical device manufacturers deliver product data + documentation to healthcare professionals (handling of sensitive data). Builder of products, processes, and teams.
    Github: cyri113
    LinkedIn: Cyrille

Grant Amount Requested: $10,000

What it will be used for?

  • $2,500 Increase the contributor payment of our junior data engineer from $750 to at least $1,000 (TogetherCrew will continue contributing the base contributor payment of $750 from its treasury).
  • $2,500 to pay female (junior) data engineers to complete bounties and build out their portfolio. Bounties will be designed with our needs in mind, and their expertise. Female data engineers will be recruited from my network via female-focused communities.
  • $5,000 will be used to develop content in collaboration with freelance community managers. The content should be aligned with the vision of TogetherCrew. This role is often, falsely, assumed to not require much skills. The consequence is that it’s paid badly and outsourced to people from non-western countries. The budget will be used to pay for a fair price for the content development (blog articles, social media post, hosting Twitter spaces). It will also cover costs for editing articles via Foster, a community of writers that through their edit support writers publishing more impactful work.
    I just published the first collaborative article, and starting the collaboration with someone else.

Attach any additional documents/resources about the project if you have any.

How did you hear about MGD’s Funding program? A Tweet by Rika Goldberg (who by the way is responsible for getting me into web3)

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Katerina gave a great presentation, as a grant recipient, during MetaCartel Townhall. I appreciate the work she’s been doing for community health research and look forward to future developments.


Thanks for the kind words

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