[Grant Application] Oneesama DAO

Project name

Oneesama DAO

Note: Oneesama (おねえさま) means older sister with honorifics in Japanese.


The DAO offers mentorship, collaboration, and support opportunities for women in Web3, helping create a more inclusive and equitable ecosystem. A secondary objective for the DAO is to build cross-cultural bridges between Japan<>Korea<>Global web3 ecosystem.


Oneesama DAO aims to create a bridge between women in the Asian web3 ecosystem and women in the web3 global community through mentorship and collaboration.


We were inspired to create this DAO after a dinner organized by Bankless Japan during DAO/ETHTokyo, where participants from the Japanese web3 community expressed three challenges:

  • Isolation of women in the Japanese web3 ecosystem from the web3 global community due to language and cultural barriers; although ETHTokyo was a global event, groups formed based on language and similar backgrounds - rather than creating diverse interactions
  • Lack of opportunities to connect with women from the international web3 community
  • Lack of ‘big sister’ mentors, especially to onboard from web2 to web3


  • Mentoring Program
    • Building 1:1 connections during 8 week cohorts for professional and personal development between mentor and mentees
  • Cross-cultural exchanges
  • Podcasts - Interviews of Women in Web3
    • Highlighting the challenges of contributors so we can onboard more of them
  • IRL Meetups in Asia
    • Building in-person connection at the end of the 8 week mentoring program

Sources of Mentors/Mentees

8-Week Mentoring Plan

  • Week 0: Matching mentors/mentees
  • Week 1: Introductions, goal setting for the program
  • Week 2: Further develop individual mentorship objectives, how to get more involved
  • Week 3: Explore professional (take your sis to work “day”/day in the life)/personal support → Mentor sharing with mentee
  • Week 4: Speakers #1 → Share Regional Narratives on Web3 / Discussion Topic
  • Week 5: Mentee sharing with mentor / teaching mentor (e.g. cross cultural or professional)
  • Week 6: Speaker #2 → Web3 Cross-Cultural Collaboration / Discussion Topic
  • Week 7: Speaker #3 → Web2 to Web3 Transition / Discussion Topic
  • Week 8: Program Conclusion
  • Week TBC : IRL meetup

Weekly meetings are sharing of output / discussion of topics; time outside of weekly meetings are meant for 1:1 interactions between mentors and mentees.

Oneesama DAO will be using Discord to foster community discussions with ongoing engagement leveraging a Discord bot to manage weekly assignments/’homework’ to support the above.

Validation / Traction / Progress so far

A dinner event for those who aim to foster more conversations in an intimate setting rather than a large networking event. There was an unserved need to connect the less connected to a much bigger, international Web3 community. That dinner resulted in the formation of Oneesama DAO (Big Sister DAO): a DAO aimed at empowering and connecting women in Web3. So far, all 12 women in attendance have expressed interest in continuing the cross-cultural and web3 mentorship.

More on Oneesama DAO from MGD blog: Meta Gamma Delta Members Building Bridges at ETHTokyo | by QuantumAlpha | Meta Gamma Delta DAO | Medium


  • Ed
    • Core Team, Bankless Japan
    • Head of Partnerships, Wonderverse.xyz

Ed is a Core team member at Bankless Japan and Head of Partnerships at WonderCommunities.com. Ed is motivated in supporting Oneesama DAO having 3 Japanese goddaughters (10, 6 and 2 years old) living in Tokyo - he wants to play an active part in helping support the future role models of his goddaughters. A web3 enthusiast focusing on DAOs, Ed studied civil engineering, making him a bridge builder in both the literal and metaphorical sense. Previously, Ed had run a 300-person alumni mentorship program for the University of Toronto Engineering faculty for five years.

Gen is constantly alarmed at how small the female community is in the Korean Web3 Ecosystem. Born&raised in Korea, educated to be obedient and ‘well-behaved.’ It was hard to get used to the ‘Western’ and ‘Sovereign’ culture of crypto initially but she had good female friends&mentors. Would love to see more Korean/Asian women in the global Web3 ecosystem, want to give it a push with Oneesama.

Grant Amount Requested


What will it be used for?

The MGD grant will be used to run the initial cohort of the 8 week mentoring program and initial podcast episodes (mainly for translations and editing). Depending on traction we will do a second cohort. While the initial program is running, OneesamaDAO will look for future sponsorship for the mentorship program as well as the podcast.

  • Operating the initial 8 week mentoring program - $1000
  • Biweekly Podcast - $1000
    • Planning & Recording & Editing
    • Translation (English to JP/KR)
  • IRL Meetups - $500
    • Food and Space Rental

Attach any additional documents/resources about the project if you have any.

Website: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

Sample Podcast interview: https://on.soundcloud.com/pnYTm

MGD article: Meta Gamma Delta Members Building Bridges at ETHTokyo | by QuantumAlpha | Meta Gamma Delta DAO | Medium

How did you hear about MGD’s Funding program?

Ed is a member of MGD