[Grant Application] MetaFest Croatia

Project name

MetaFest Croatia


MetaFest Croatia is a conference/festival around coordination, regeneration & the bigger picture.


To organize a different kind of conference. Less shilling, less crowded, less intense.
Smaller and more laid back, focused on the good side of crypto & the bigger picture.


In terms of conferences:

  • Conferences are usually organized at big fancy places, requiring big budgets
  • This then requires a lot of sponsors and a lot of attendees to make sense financially
  • Both of these contribute to the agenda being overcrowded
  • Talks get shilly serving sponsors, lots of misaligned sponsor booths
  • Crowd itself gets more shilly because sponsors & other businesses send people to big conferences

In terms of crypto:

  • It’s seen as an industry full of hype, shilling, scams and hacks
  • Lack of a compelling narrative for the WHY of web3

In terms of DAOs:

  • Most DAOs seem to be repeating mistakes of other DAOs instead of learning from them


We have a few goals with MetaFest:

  • Organize a minimal budget conference with 1 or no booths.
  • Organize it in a chill place surrounded by sea and nature, where people can engage in other fun activities
  • Bring people from co-ops and non-web3 regen projects to learn from them and teach them about web3
  • Bring people from the metamodern/game b space to bring the bigger picture perspective
  • Have sessions talking about the bigger picture of the state of the world & web3, hatching new narratives
  • Have the full DAO Design Track helping people start DAOs incorporating lessons from the past

Describe the project in detail including…

How does the project relate to blockchain or web3?

The event is ~60-70% Web3, aiming to bring together non-web3 communities & complete newcomers to learn.

How are you encouraging other women/minorities to be part of your community?

We’ve given away some of the tickets, also given 50% & up to 75% discount promo codes to underrepresented communities. Also there’s a lot of women in the organization.

Progress so far

The event is pretty much fully organized. ~150 people are coming, only need the final $10k to make it happen.


  • Anita - Co-organizer (Editor at MetaRadio, junior programmer, climber)
  • peth - Co-organizer (Founder of MetaGame, member of MetaCartel, wannabe climber)
  • Vanessa - Promo support (Shiller at MetaGame)
  • Yalor - Funding support (member of Meta Gamma Delta & MetaCartel)
  • Anna - Community support (Marketing at ReFi DAO)
  • Christina - Venue support (Founder of Together We Grow)

Grant Amount Requested

$10,000 - This would make MGD the biggest sponsor and eliminate the need for sponsor booths. In exchange, MGD would get everything that’s due to the Diamond Package + the DAO Design Track & the DAO course we’ll produce after will be branded as funded by MGD or the 9 person house we have booked will be named MGD Sorority House(?) & will be used to accommodate women, minorities & the underprivileged.
$5,000 - Alternatively, for $5k MGD would get the Gold Package + a session on “Winding Down DAOs” (hat tip to you) in your honor and/or food, snacks or something “by MGD”.

What it will be used for?

Funds will be used to cover the rest of the budget for making the event happen, so the team doesn’t stay indebted (as it currently stands, none of the organizers will be paid, so it would be nice to at least break even)

Here’s the rough budget breakdown

  • Venue & Utilities ~ $ 5.100,00
  • Event Staff & Performers ~ $ 7.800,00
  • Website, Branding & Promo ~ $ 8.100,00
  • Food & Drinks ~ $ 7.500,00
  • Legal & Misc Costs ~ $ 4.300,00
  • Total ~ $ 30.000

Additional documents/resources about the project

The website itself, if you want to check it out: https://metafest.wtf

How did you hear about MGD’s Funding program?

I’ve been in MetaGame for 2+ years now so I’ve been aware of MGD and I saw when Rika published a post about MGD winding down…

Would be awesome if MGD coms channels could highlight some of the women at MetaFest, like you and Anastasia!

Hi, the timing of your funding ask does not match up because will not be selecting winners until after the grant application deadline of August 21st.