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Impact Stream - Addressing Unemployment and Poverty in Togo through Decentralisation


Impact Stream is an innovative web application that empowers local communities in Togo to propose, fund, and implement public projects such as clinics and water wells, fostering collaboration and addressing key community concerns. Through quadratic voting and decentralized funding allocation, Impact Stream enables democratic decision-making and community development.

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Impact Stream empowers Togo’s locals to combat poverty by leveraging blockchain technology and decentralization. Our platform allows individuals to propose and fund public projects, fostering collaboration and addressing community needs.


Our vision is to create a self-sustaining model that enables marginalized communities to take control of their own development, reducing dependence on external solutions and promoting local agency.


The situation in Togo, West Africa, is dire, with pervasive unemployment and extreme poverty affecting its populace. A common pitfall in many developing regions is the imposition of external solutions by foreign NGOs, disregarding the perspectives, beliefs, and contributions of the local communities. Furthermore, the lack of financial transparency within NGO’s compounds the issue, as donors often remain unaware of how their contributions are allocated, spent, and the actual outcomes they achieve.


We introduce Impact Stream as the comprehensive remedy to these challenges. Our progressive web application, launched in July 2023, empowers individuals within Togo to actively engage in their community’s development. Through this app, Togolese participants may submit any implementable public good project proposals; a medical clinic, a clean water well, anything they decide and secure funding for their execution. This process fosters collaboration among community members and elicits responses to pivotal questions, encompassing issues such as problem identification, solution sustainability, and key stakeholders involved.

As the submission deadline approaches, the proposals are shared on a communal forum, where community members cast their votes. This democratic process accomplishes two vital goals:

  1. Identifying proposals of utmost significance and community interest.
  2. Determining the allocation of funds to selected projects.

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How are you encouraging other women/minorities to be part of your community?

Impact Stream uses blockchain technology to ensure transparency, traceability, and security in fund allocation and project execution. Smart contracts enable the automated and trustless distribution of funds.

Encouraging Diversity: Impact Stream actively promotes diversity by engaging with local women and minorities, involving them in decision-making processes and encouraging their participation in project proposals and voting.

Validation / Traction / Progress so far

We have built a progressive web application (PWA) located at https://app.impact.stream. This app has onboarded dozens of Togolese who are currently working on their proposal submissions.

In addition, board members Will Little, Hans Mulders, and Michelle Schubert traveled to Togo in mid-July 2023 to visit the community there associated with International Literacy and Development (https://ilad.ngo). This visit produced a large amount of video, image, and audio content that will be used for promotion in the coming weeks and months.


Will Little: Investor and Team Lead. Experienced venture builder and investor.
Michelle Schubert (Alidra): Executive Director. Experienced in international non-profit endeavors and development projects, with a focus on Togo.

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  1. Michelle Schubert, who goes by the alias “Alidra,” boasts a career spanning from 2014 dedicated to international non-profit endeavors. Her expertise encompasses diverse development projects across numerous global regions, notably including Togo. Through her involvement in past developmental initiatives within Togo, collaborating with the International Literacy and Development organization, an extensive web of trust has been established. This history is punctuated by successful undertakings that have elevated countless families from poverty’s grasp, supplied clean water to thousands, delivered education and medical aid, and triggered a ripple effect of entrepreneurs mentoring and nurturing fellow entrepreneurs. This history kindles optimism and a sense of anticipation, underscoring the Togolese people’s inclination to uplift one another, even to the extent of making personal sacrifices for the betterment of their community.

  2. Will - Investor and experienced working in the space for quite some years.

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Funds will be channeled into a matching pool, which will be subsequently allocated among members of the Togolese community capable of executing the proposed initiatives.

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Through twitter.

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