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Herstory is a community dedicated to empowering women and minorities through Web3 and relevant technology. Our initiative revolves around two pivotal components:

  1. Web3 Platform for Women: This platform is a dynamic space where community members can share, discuss, and monetize their narratives. It serves as a digital agora, empowering women to voice their experiences and perspectives, fostering a robust exchange of stories that reflect diverse backgrounds.
  2. Educational Outreach and Workshops: Alongside our digital presence, we organize educational workshops and events focused on Web3 literacy for women. These gatherings are also designed to exchange feminist ideas, preserve female Chinese heritage, and strengthen our sisterhood network.

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Our vision extends beyond mere participation; we aim to guide more women into the Web3 domain, believing that their involvement will foster a more inclusive and diverse ecosystem. This not only benefits women but also supports other marginalized groups in the traditionally male-dominated Web3 landscape.

The Web3 industry, involving the metaverse, blockchain technologies, and cryptocurrencies, is on the cutting edge of shaping the future of the digital world. However, it faces a significant challenge: women are vastly underrepresented among founders and investors. This issue is highlighted in a study by BCG X and People of Crypto Lab, which analyzed the gender diversity of founders and investors using Crunchbase data from nearly 2,800 participants worldwide. The study notes that only 13% of Web3 founding teams include a woman, and a mere 3% are exclusively female (exhibit). In terms of funding, the gap widens, with all-male founding teams raising nearly four times as much on average as all-female teams—almost $30 million compared to about $8 million (exhibit). Additionally, a comprehensive study by Bitget exposes alarming gender disparities in blockchain startup funding. It shows a clear correlation between founder gender and investment volumes, with male-led startups attracting $27.85 billion, while female-led startups raised merely $1.77 billion, or only 6.34% of the overall amount.

This underrepresentation of women carries significant costs. A growing body of research, including a report by McKinsey & Company, has found that companies with diverse leadership teams are more innovative and profitable. Women in Web3 engage in a broader spectrum of activities, traversing both physical and digital worlds in areas like gaming, fitness, education, and shopping via AR/VR technologies, unlike men who predominantly engage in purely digital experiences such as gaming, trading nonfungible tokens (NFTs), and attending social events (exhibit). Inclusion of women in technology leads to more creative solutions and innovations that better meet women’s needs and promote gender equality. Conversely, their lack of inclusion has massive costs: if women are unable to access the internet or feel unsafe online, they cannot develop necessary digital skills for engagement in digital spaces, diminishing their opportunities in STEM fields.

As we have previously highlighted, Web3 is poised to fundamentally transform the global economy, ushering in a new era of equal opportunities for all its users. Addressing the significant gender gap in leadership roles within the Web3 ecosystem, especially in platforms like Ethereum, is critical. This endeavor not only resonates with the core objectives of the ESP’s mission to bolster Ethereum’s sustained progress but also represents an essential step towards a more inclusive digital future. Herstory is at the forefront of this transformative journey, committed to ushering a wave of women into the Web3 realm. By doing so, we are not just integrating diverse talents and viewpoints into the ecosystem but are fundamentally redefining its structure and impact. Our initiative seeks to establish a balance in representation, ensuring that Web3’s growth reflects the diversity and dynamism of its community.


In our mission to significantly enhance the presence and influence of women in the Web3 sphere, Herstory is set to launch a suite of targeted initiatives. These initiatives are meticulously designed to not only educate and empower but also actively engage women in this rapidly evolving domain. Our strategic approach involves establishing a dynamic community, imparting practical Web3 knowledge, and creating a specialized platform. We begin this transformative journey with following endeavors:

  1. Community Establishment and Member Recruitment
  • Initial Setup: Launching an interactive online platform complemented by a strong social media presence. This digital interface, encompassing a user-friendly website and strategic social media engagement, will be pivotal in connecting with our target audience.
  • Target Audience Identification: Focusing on a broad spectrum of women – from those newly curious to seasoned professionals in the Web3 space. By addressing the varied levels of interest and expertise, we ensure inclusivity and broad participation.
  • Outreach Strategy: Our outreach will be multi-channeled, leveraging Web3 forums, social media groups, and women-centric networks. This diversified approach ensures we connect with a dynamic range of women, fostering a rich and varied community.
  1. Web3 Novice Camp for Women
  • Educational Workshops and Webinars: Central to our novice camp are expert-led workshops and webinars. These sessions are designed to provide not just theoretical knowledge, but also industry insights, bridging the gap between learning and real-world application.
  • Hands-On Learning Experience: We emphasize practical application through interactive tutorials and case studies, enabling participants to directly engage with Web3 technologies in realistic scenarios.
  • Expansion Plans: Initially local, our vision is to scale these camps to other cities, nurturing a broader network of future women leaders in Web3 and magnifying our impact.
  1. Diverse Local Activities for Women’s Empowerment
  • Thematic Events and Workshops: From cultural enrichment events like Barbie-themed cafés to critical discussions on social taboos and traditional Chinese script, Nüshu, we offer a spectrum of activities. These are designed not just for enjoyment but as safe spaces for expression and growth.
  • Objective of Activities: Beyond enjoyment, these activities empower women to reflect on and confront societal and personal challenges. They serve as platforms for confidence-building and supportive community development.
  • Encouraging Bravery and Change: Each event is more than a gathering; it’s a catalyst for personal empowerment and societal transformation. We encourage women to embrace their identities, recognize their strengths, and initiate impactful change.
  1. Development of the Herstory Web3 Platform
  • Platform Functionality: Envisioned as a vibrant online community, Herstory will enable users to share stories, engage in discussions, and monetize their contributions. This incentivizes active participation and showcases the economic potential of Web3 for women.
  • Monetization and Ownership: Central to our platform is the empowerment of users through monetization. By leveraging Blockchain and NFTs, users can create, share, and trade stories, gaining financial benefits while maintaining control over their content.
  • Content Diversity and Management: We will host a variety of content, ensuring it is rich, relevant, and regularly updated to reflect our community’s evolving interests and achievements.
  • Inclusivity and Support: Our platform will foster an inclusive environment, welcoming members of all backgrounds and Web3 expertise levels. Forums and chat rooms will encourage discussions on a wide range of topics.
  • Community Engagement and Growth: Beyond being a platform for sharing and learning, Herstory will catalyze community-driven projects and collaborations, amplifying the collective voice and impact of women in the Web3 space.

As we conclude, it’s clear that the Web3 Novice Camp for Women marks just the beginning of Herstory’s ambitious journey. This foundational initiative plays a pivotal role in our broader strategy to cultivate an ecosystem where women are not merely participants, but innovators and leaders in the Web3 domain. Beyond the novice camp, our focus will shift towards deepening community engagement, enhancing resource development, and constructing a robust platform. These efforts are geared towards fostering holistic and sustainable growth for our members in the Web3 landscape. Additionally, our diverse local activities are instrumental in achieving Herstory’s overarching objective: to empower women. By delving into a multitude of topics and creating varied engagement opportunities, we aim to address the multifaceted aspects of womanhood, connecting with a wider audience. These initiatives are not just events but crucial stepping stones for women to discover and leverage their potential, encouraging them to confidently explore and contribute to new domains like Web3. Ultimately, the establishment of the Herstory platform is a critical milestone in realizing our vision of a unified and empowered female community within the Web3 space. This platform transcends mere communication and learning; it symbolizes the immense potential that unfolds when women unite to redefine their digital era roles. Herstory stands as a beacon of inspiration and guidance, empowering women to navigate and shape the evolving Web3 landscape with confidence and innovation.

Validation / Traction / Progress so far

  1. Herstory Platform

Our central digital platform, Herstory, is dedicated to enabling women and minorities to share their journeys, experiences, and insights through personal stories, blog posts, or digital content. This platform serves as a dynamic space for empowerment, expression, and community engagement. https://herstory.framer.ai/

  1. Community Events
  1. Novice Camp for Women


I am Bala (https://twitter.com/OxBalala) from China, founder of Herstory, a community established in 2022 alongside four like-minded women, including Lisy and Jiaxin as developers, and Aran (https://twitter.com/AranWong_) and Jocelyn as designers. We initially focused on organizing local events in China. Our team has since expanded to include five more members: Xiao Ming as a designer (@Xiaomin78944285), Bobo as a content manager (https://Twitter.com/NatalieBob54424), Zoe as a community manager, Ebony(@hexinxin9) as an event organizer, and Yuan as a marketing manager. With 200+ active members now, we’re growing Crapidly. And my involvement with Shefi underscores my commitment to promoting financial freedom for women in China, a cornerstone of our mission.

Grant Amount Requested

10,000 USD

What it will be used for?

Herstory, currently operating independently without the backing of angel investors or venture capital funding, relies heavily on the dedication and passion of our volunteer community. To ensure the sustainability and growth of our initiatives, we are seeking financial support. Our proposed budget allocation is strategically designed to cover critical aspects of our operations:

  • Venue Rental (20%): Securing appropriate spaces for workshops, events, and community gatherings is vital. This allocation will enable us to host our activities in accessible, safe, and conducive environments.
  • Community Management and Event Organization (50%): The largest portion of our budget is dedicated to the heart of Herstory – community engagement and event management. This includes the planning, execution, and follow-up of educational and empowerment activities, ensuring high-quality and impactful events.
  • Developer Mentorship (10%): A dedicated fund for hiring experienced Web3 developers to mentor and guide our community members. This is crucial for providing hands-on, expert-led training, especially in our Web3 Co-Learning Camps.
  • Marketing (10%): To reach a broader audience and attract more participants, effective marketing is essential. This budget will be used for digital marketing campaigns, social media outreach, and community engagement strategies.

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