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Web 3 Grants

Connecting community to funding!

There’s so much capital waiting to be deployed and talent eager to be scouted in web 3. Until today, there was no go-to resource to link the two together: Enter - a grants aggregator!

We aim to index all the grants in crypto/web 3. The idea is to facilitate the application process for both buildors and grantors. Our tagging system allows talent to connect to relevant funding.

Grants are for everyone in crypto; from content creators and community builders to researchers and developers. Filter through the list to see which grants can fund your skills/project. Find everyone willing to fund you using our tags.

So far we’ve gotten lot’s of positive feedback and outreach for partnerships.


About the Team

Amount requested in USD

This grant will be used to further develop the app according to the following phases:

Phase one:

List all grant programs on our platform and identify relevant tags

Phase two:

Take on the application process for the builders. For example, they would have to fill out only one very complete form and Grantr would then apply to all relevant grants on their behalf.

Phase three:

Add different funding verticals to the platform such as ISAs through bootcamps, bounties and hackathons.

Phase four:

Build out an on-chain credit system that would rate performance after funding.

Please provide a specific line item budget to show how you will use the funds.

Attach any additional documents/resources about the project if you have any.

Please enable public view access if it’s currently on a private drive

How did you hear about MGD’s Funding program?
While curating the grants list!