[Grant Application] Diverge

Project name: Diverge

Description (Brief intro of your project in 1-2 sentences)

Web3 native fashion brand and eco-system, that creates high-end wearables and experiences across different virtual realms. Empowers community with the new tools to interact, co-create and earn with digital fashion.

Diverge was highlighted by Vogue Business, CNN, HypeBae, Vogue Taiwan as one of the most prominent digital fashion projects. Partnered with Decentraland, RTFKT, DressX, Decentral Games etc. More than 7000 NFTs are sold.


Digital fashion is not a replication of physical, we’re creating the new language of fashion which will be an integral part of next generations’ life. We are here to merge realities across fashion, digital and gaming with a mission to fuel the new fashion economy and build a community-centered digital fashion company, powered by Web 3 and inspire fashion lovers, gamers and crypto enthusiasts to level up their digital identities.

We believe that people will care more about their digital closet rather than physical in the near future. This is what we’re building, easy solutions, where users can focus on experience rather then a tech side. You can explore the leading virtual worlds and gaming ecosystems wearing the high-end fashion garments while unlock an access to co-create, communicate and generate royalties and rewards.

Problem: New generations are craving self-expression in the digital world and strive to be an integral part of the eco-system, where they can make an impact and generate income as creators and active community members. They are looking for more seamless and enjoyable user experience.


Web 3 digital fashion platform, that unlock access to co-create, communicate, play and generate royalties and rewards.

Describe the project in detail including…

How does the project relate to blockchain or web3?

IN-HOUSE WEARABLES COLLECTIONS: Creating digital clothing as an NFTs, which you can use as a skin in the Metaverses (DCL, Sandbox etc) or resell them to the community


Phase 1: Generative tool that enables community to co-create in real-time and mint items as an NFTs

Phase 2: Community votes for the designs to produce in physical versions

Phase 3: Community earn rewards from sales of physical items through ownership of the specific NFTs

COMMUNITY EXPERIENCE HUB powered by Web3, based on mini games, to interact and engage with community on a new level.

What: Branded game, that unlock access to earn rewards (NFTs, special experiences, linked products)

How: Complete in-game challenges in exchange for rewards such as: sharing product reviews, voting for product features , tagging in social media.

How are you encouraging other women/minorities to be part of your community?

Women play a pivotal role in our project, as Diverge itself is led by women. We are actively encouraging more women to become part of our community by creating content that resonates with their interests, passions and vision while offering them great rewards.

For example, in the partnership with Sinead Gorey, a physical fashion brand that is mostly worn by women, we digitalized one of the Sinead’s physical garments to encourage and welcome a new audience to our community of fashion-forward enthusiasts.

To empower these individuals, we introduced a unique incentive: one of the digital collectible holders would receive a physical garment from Sinead’s collection. As a result, the entire collection was sold out in less than 25 minutes.

We collaborate with other woman-led projects, helping them reward their users and play active role in different educational and motivational programs like Unstoppable WoW3. Diana (Diverge founder) was selected by them as one of the most inspirational woman founders of 2022.

Validation / Traction / Progress so far

We have successfully launched 4 drops (1 on DressX platform and 3 on Diverge platform) and sold out more than 7,000 NFTs in total. Performed more than 30 collaborations with Web2 and Web3 companies. We have built our community on Discord and Twitter, with over 10k members in total.


Share a brief description of the project’s team members (person by person)

  1. Dina Perfilieva – Founder of Diverge, Dina has been innovating for over a decade on what fashion e-commerce is. She has a track record of building a successful D2C fashion brand, which disrupted the fashion industry in Ukraine in 2017;
  2. Olga Yanul – Fashion curator at Diverge. She has more than 12 years of experience as a fashion director. She worked as fashion editor at Vogue. She worked with talents: Milla Jovovich, Doja Cat, Monica Bellucci, Heidi Klum, Azzedine Alaia and fashion brands such as Gucci, Channel, McQueen;
  3. Igor Starostyuk – Contributor creator. Specializes in creating digital clothing and environments. Has 5 years experience of working in Blender and CLO 3D. Worked with Game Development Companies;
  4. Anastasia Bilous – PR coordinator at Diverge. Fashion editor (ELLE), stylist and PR coordinator with more than 5 years experience in the fashion industry;
  5. Asya Sumik – Community manager with around 2 years experience in Web3 and background in the fashion industry as a model.

Grant Amount Requested: 10K

Amount in USD

What it will be used for?

  • To create a web-based tool that enables holders to customize the 3D model of the garment in real-time using parameters like size, color, and elements.

Please provide a specific line item budget to show how you will use the funds.

  • 1 3d designer: (1 month salary) total: $1000
  • 1 Concept designer: (1 month salary): $1000
  • 1 front-end developers: (1 month salary) 3000$
  • 1 UX/UI designer: (1 month salary) $2000
  • 1 back-end developers: (1 month salary) $3000

Attach any additional documents/resources about the project if you have any.

Please enable public view access if it’s currently on a private drive

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