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Project Name : Dippi - https://www.dippi.xyz/


Dippi is making web3 more accessible by developing fully decentralized open-sourced protocols to manage private keys. We’ve created a state-changing authentication scheme and a state-observing network that are unconditionally secure through a decentralized-driven security layer combined on top of a cryptographically secure storing and communication infrastructure based on: MPC, MixNets, AES-GCM, Shamir Secret Sharing, and Blake3. Our modular technology allows our protocols to adapt based on the user needs from loyalty program NFTs to high-security wallets of institutional investors.


Make web3 more accessible and reliable by developing fully decentralized protocols to manage private keys.


Wallets can vary greatly in terms of the value of assets stored, security requirements, and private key functionality. By understanding these differences, we can better meet the specific needs of different types of users.

For example, Wallet A is designed for NFTs for loyalty programs and has a medium security level for its private key (PK) with the main functionality being proof of ownership. On the other hand, Wallet B is meant for storing a variety of assets such as cryptocurrencies and NFT collectibles, with a higher security level for its PK and the ability to prove ownership and transfer assets.

Another wallet is meant for the digital assets trading market, with a high security level (utilizing threshold signatures) and focused on facilitating asset transfers.

With the growing demand for secure digital asset custody, there is a need for a solution that caters to the diverse needs of the $239 billion dollar market, providing ownership and security to users while enhancing their overall experience.


Dippi is dedicated to using rigorous mathematical research to create decentralized, open-source protocols and APIs for private key management. Our modular technology is tailored to meet the specific needs of different users and use cases.

The technology we’ve developed:

  1. State-Changing Auth Scheme (SCA): Permission-less authentication scheme based on blockchain-native infrastructure.
  2. State-Observing Network: A mathematically rigorous notion of decentralization. Plug-and-play infra allowing anyone to join our network.
  3. Decentralization-driven security: Security based on large-scale social coordination, information asymmetry, & slowness of trust.

High Level Overview Storage Protocol:

Using these technologies, we have created several products:

  • Keyppi :key: - a decentralized protocol for storing and retrieving private keys
  • Snappi 🫰🏼 - a set of free APIs for generating non-custodial wallets
  • Snappi Plus 🫰🏼⚡️ - Snappi+ account abstraction
  • Coppi :policewoman:t3: - a decentralized digital asset custody API using threshold signatures.

Describe the project in detail including…
How does the project relate to blockchain or web3?
How are you encouraging other women/minorities to be part of your community?

Validation / Traction / Progress so far

We have more than 200+ startups signed up in our page plus B2B clients in the pipeline:

  • Opium Network (DeFi)
  • Ephere (GameFi)
  • Shopthru.xyz (e-comm)
  • Timeless Wallet


Share a brief description of the project’s team members (person by person)

Doris Hernandez- CEO :

Doris is a finance and software engineer with a degree in project management from Stanford and a candidate for an Information Management Systems degree at Harvard Extension. She has experience building successful apps, including working at a YC startup where she built applications for corporate clients having over 70k users in the first week of launch. She scale and built largest ride-sharing app in Honduras managing a 60+ team. She is also an 8x web3 hackathon winner and a governor and founding member of H.E.R DAO Latam, a women’s developer DAO.

Felipe Flores - CTO:

Felipe worked on the AI algorithms for route optimization and resource management at the largest ride-sharing app in Honduras, Ryte. He developed a route-finding algorithm and worked as Lead Actuarial Analyst at the largest government pension fund, using his mathematical background for risk-centric decision making. He also dealt with information security risk and mitigated operational risk by providing better protocols. Felipe holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physics and Mathematics (cum laude) and is a former National Math Olympic winner.

Grant Amount Requested

$10,000 USD

What it will be used for?

Please provide a specific line item budget to show how you will use the funds.

We started Dippi in ETH Denver 2022. We’ve developed our alpha through grants and we are ready to take the next step to get our initial customers in ETH Denver 2023.

We are partnering with H.E.R DAO to create an event tailored to female founders. We will have an agenda of Female VC panels (Do’s and Don’t of Fundraising), Attract more customers to your dApp (present the soft launch in our first API - Snappi) and introduce H.E.R DAO Startup Houses + networking.

Snappi is a free product that allows users to generate seedless non-custodial wallets with social login. Snappi customers are web3 platforms searching to improve user experience and web2 startups implementing web3 strategies. The end goal of Snappi is to reduce the churn of new users getting into web3, thereby expanding the potential user base for web3 startups( specially if the target markets are developing regions like LATAM)

Funds will be used for:

  • Sponsor H.E.R DAO + Dippi event in ETH Denver for female founders $2.5k
  • Travel & accommodation costs for team members -$3K
  • Expand runway to continue fundraising efforts $4.5k

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White paper:

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