# Grant Application: Decentralized Governance Research

Project name: Decentralized Governance Research


A 3-month research internship analyzing DAOs and identifying solutions using conceptual graphing techniques.


To advance decentralized solutions through insights-driven research.


DAOs face challenges in governance, incentives, coordination. Lack of research on improvements.


Internship conducting interviews with DAOs, analyzing current systems and pain points, and determining solutions.

This internship involves:

  • Interviewing 10+ prominent DAOs to understand structures, incentives, policies, pain points
  • Drawing on academic training in analysis, accounting, and info systems to pinpoint issues
  • Using conceptual graphing methods to visually map workflows and relationships
  • Identifying applications of techniques to streamline processes and address common problems

The goals are gaining hands-on expertise analyzing blockchain organizations while contributing research to benefit DAOs and the broader web3 community…


Conceptual graphing techniques have been validated to optimize organizational systems. DAO adoption is growing exponentially, increasing the need for governance solutions.


Romanee Ives - Accounting and MIS degree candidate. Passionate about blockchain technology and decentralized systems. Strong research and analytical skills.

Grant Amount:


Use of Funds:

Support living expenses over 3 months to focus fully on the research internship.

Additional Documents:

Internship proposal detailing activities and knowledge/skills gained.

How I Heard About Program:

Web3 colleagues mentioned and saw a tweet mentioning it.

Here is supporting material with a breakdown: