[Grant Application] "bB"

Project name



a game (supported by blockchain tech) where players are rewarded for cooperation & action


to empower humanity to drive & accelerate positive change


we have the people, resources & tech to transform the world but lack coordination & cooperation on the ground


a game where humans engage in cooperative gameplay & solve real world problems


Step 01 - build a brand

we build a brand & tell a story about a character called bB - positive vibes, humour & epic levels of fun!

Step 02 - launch a game

we launch a real life game where players form teams, go on missions & earn rewards

Step 03 - connect

we seek out friends (private, public & third sector) who are aligned with our vision & invite them to partner

Step 04 - experiment

we create environments (physical and virtual) that foster experimentation

Step 05 - share

we capture anonymised data (warm & quantitative), create a single source of truth database & open up access

Inclusion of Women/minorities

Co-chairs (Founders) will be female. The majority of board roles will be held by females. Partners will be held accountable to bB values including diversity and inclusion.

Validation / Traction / Progress so far

selected designer for creation of bB brand
approaching law firms/consultancy firms for pro bono advice to incorporate foundation/finalise business case
researching grant options
resigned from job to commence project full time in January 2023


Carla - commercial lawyer - former country GC of ASX 50 company - entered web3 space in 2017 after discovering emerging tech (including blockchain) through participating in working group on Ethics for AI and ADM - dedicating full time to this project from January 2023

Second female founder to join in Q2 2023

Grant Amount Requested

USD $10,000

What it will be used for?

To fund quotation received from designer for logo and character development

Line item budget - use of funds

phase 1 - creation of character sketches

€ 2200.-

timing: about 3-5 weeks from initial brief

phase 2 - finetuning, corrections, optimisation, coloring of selected character phase,
submission of final data (vectors, pixels in needed file-formats, sizes), passing rights.

€ 2800.–

timing: about 2-4 weeks from end of phase 1

phase 3 - creation of logotype sketches

€ 2200.–

timing: about 2-3 weeks from end of phase 2

phase 4 - finetuning, finalising of selected logotype from phase 3, submission of final data (vectors, pixels in needed file-formats, sizes), passing rights.

€ 2800.–

timing: about 2-3 weeks from end of phase 3

How did you hear about MGD’s Funding program?

Referred through the Green Pill (ReFi) Telegram Group