Funding Proposal

Hey team! How is it going? It’s Julia, BD in Payphone X. It’s self-funded tier 1 product supported by BNB chain ecosystem with 3 years of proven USA/UK market traction. It’s a pleasure for me to inform you that we are close to private round B and inviting you to join us on this journey. Kindly review our project and contact us if you have any questions.

Get in touch with stars from HBO, NBC, Netflix, MTV, and NBC?

1000+ artists from The Walking Dead, American Gods, The Tudors, Good Fellas, and others are already on a Payphone X marketplace for personalized communications :handshake:

:gem: Highlights :gem:

:speech_balloon: Payphone X build the 1st web 3.0 celebrity spot with fan2earn economy

:crazy_face: IOS/Android Payphone X App (leading in the CIS region)

:people_hugging:1000+ celebrities and opinion leaders on a track 10M+ people - overall fan coverage

:top:5+ personalized products for direct communication with idols

:+1:30K+ orders fulfilled

©️2 years of proven USA/UK market traction

:heavy_dollar_sign:Bootstrapped company with $2.5M initial investment

Chat: Telegram: Contact @payphonechatX

Channel: Telegram: Contact @adriaonotrony



Facebook: Payphone X

Deck: Payphone X web3 - fin.pdf - Google Drive

We provide customer-based fan2earn model for the celebrities’ fans and deliver a wide range of personalized products for customers alongside with. We are solving problem of direct communication between celebrities and their fans providing paid personalized products and earning commision on this service. We already have a fully operational product with operational revenue. Since we are moving forward according to our product roadmap, web 3.0 arm will just speed it up. Our long term vision is to become one of the leading players on the global influencers market and expand the personalized fan&stars communication experience. We plan to reach 500m overall fans coverage up to the end of 2023 via a huge bunch of marketing and business development tools.

Ron Fridman, Co-Founder, President (Portugal/Poland)

Elena Krykun, interim CMO (Portugal)

Alex Pylypchuk, CEO (USA)

Ivo Perts, CBDO (USA/Latvia)

Alex Boiko, Co-Founder, Strategic Partnership (Dubai)

Mark Kvitko, CTO (Poland)
20+ full time working employees, the core team experience described in the pitchdeck

Minimum allocation is 25.000$ on a seed round, public ones will be discussed right after private ones will be closed.

Web3.0 integrations (Cross-chain NFT marketplace for Payphone, NFT flow etc) and maintaining - up to 20%

Business development & partnerships - 15%

Marketing (online & offline) - 65%