Funding Proposal - YAP DAO Second PR Proposal for DAOhaus

New Proposal
YAP DAO is proposing another 3 PR KP’sI in return for a payment of 12K of xDai to continue providing PR services for the DAOhaus platform.

Like our first proposal, YAP DAO is committed to fulfilling each KPI before submitting new proposal.

Summary of previous proposal:
YAP DAOs first proposal offered 3 PR KPI’s in return for a payment of 12K xDAI.

These 3 KPI’s included:

  1. Brand Positioning Workshop and Guide: here
  2. Placement of Feature story on DAOs with an interview with DAOhaus in CryptoBriefing: here
  3. Wide podcast pitchout and 3 podcast placements including:
  • Blockhash Podcast: here

  • DeFi Download - scheduled, to be recorded end of September

  • Crypto101 - to be recorded end of September

  1. Additionally, secured placement of an OpEd in BeInCrypto - YAP and DAOhaus currently drafting full piece.
  2. Additionally, submission to WYO DAO DAY (pending acceptance as speaker)