Funding Proposal: Xqua | Payment for Graph DB and Analytics


I was waiting on finishing up a good version of the Graph DB injestors before posting this. Its now done :smiley:

So this is a funding proposal for the work that I did on some analytics, represented by Twitter Threads (Here and Here and Here), and the work on the GraphDB being hosted on GitHub.

To summarize the work:

  • Analytics on Voter behavior on Snapshot: Found that most voters only voted once, then never came back
  • Analytics on Metcartel shares and voting behavior: Found that having most shares was an incentive to voting more, but the signal wasn’t as strong as one might expect.
  • Graph DB: Constructed the Database Schema, and the data injestor for DAOHaus, Discourse and Snapshot. I also include a Demo file with a few example queries and how it could integrate with a product.

Important: I purposefully left the Discord ingestion out to make sure that the file was clear enough for someone else to do this as an exercise in collaboration.

For this work, I request: 2400 xDAI and 25 shares.

Proposal on DAOHaus

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