Funding Proposal - Rohan (Product Resident)

This is a proposal for me to serve in the role of a Product Resident for the next 3 months (November, December, January) with compensation of 4500 a month.

Thus far, I have been helping with Diamond for a while setting up a NFT tracker/dashboard and assisting with the Diamond AWS setup. I have also written scripts to capture Snapshot data each day in AWS and have written code to generate the insights/metrics we are delivering to and for DaoHaus. I have also reviewed code being written by Raid Guild and offered my help/feedback to our head engineer, Christian.

Over the next few months, I plan to assist with a variety of developmental tasks. Short term (this month), I will be completing the final checkpoints for our deliverables to these two groups, primarily by extending my analysis to Snapshot. Longer term, I will be turning my attention to the MVP for chainverse and will assist in various ways, including the development of our front-end product, setting up the AWS, and collecting/storing data. I also plan on creating some ML-oriented metrics or features for chainverse once our data pipeline is more concretely set up.

I want to hash out any details of this proposal in the forum prior to posting it officially on DaoHaus

I am also actively finding other dev talent at Stanford, where I am currently at, and have found a few potential candidates to help with the development of chainverse and the ML metrics we plan on generating.

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To provide some additional items I have developed, you can see my work for Diamond here:

The CryptoCrystal metrics website I built -

The (as we are currently progressing) and Snapshot Repositories -

You can view my full resume here: