Funding Proposal - QSTN: Redefining data, De-Fi and NFTs on Web3


QSTN is a web application where users participate in surveys, quizzes and short questionnaires to earn virtual credit. These credits can be swapped for a combination of incentives ranging from brand items, NFTs, and discount codes.

What problem are we trying to solve?

When we agree to terms and conditions, most of the time, our data gets sold and commodified without permission or compensation. QSTN acts as an “interface” for consumers to paygate their information towards businesses.

Who benefits from this system?

By compensating QSTIEs for data, we provide incentive for rich and meaningful insights. This information is then accessed by our partners for market research.

How will privacy be built into the system?

Our team is currently in talks with two self sovereign identity solutions to allow users to contribute while hiding their connection to the data.

How is NEAR being integrated into the application?

By building on the NEAR blockchain, we are able to create a timestamp each time questions are answered to act as record of input on-chain.

Is QSTN blockchain agnostic?

We are initially building on NEAR Protocol due to their low gas environment but since users earn our virtual credit (not issued on a blockchain) and we can mint NFTs on any network - we can service any chain.

What happens to this information?

We keep this information offline in a cold storage, meaning it is inaccessible; only keeping users’ name, balance and email address in our hot storage at the moment.

How do we know these companies will not abuse our data?

While initial sponsors are chosen by us, the goal is to open voting through credit ownership. These rights, supported by passive income, is the first digital attempt to break away from the corporate silo of data mismanagement.

How has the idea developed since inception?

We started this year incubating in the 1871 x Verizon BLK Tech accelerator and currently participate in the Gitcoin KERNEL Batch 4 program.

What is the immediate future for QSTN?

We have begun iteration on the NEAR blockchain, until this is complete, we will be growing the voice and community on Instagram and Twitter.

How can we get involved today?

Sign up on our website and join the waitlist to receive announcements on development, new sponsors and the long awaited invite code.

Is there anything else we should know?

QSTN is founded by cyborg and collective conscious, Orrin, who has been seen on Dr. Phil and recently partnered with Mintbase for their MUTANT album NFT release.

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We have developed a proof of concept which has been reviewed, awarded and recognized by the following orgniazations

  • Filecoin - graduated from their accelerator program [finalist]

  • Octopus - graduated from their accelerator program [finalist]


Orrin Campbell – QSTN founder, CEO and blockchain architect who will be designing the workflow and user experience

Twitter -

Instagram -

YouTube -

Linkedin -

GitHub -

Eugen Pyatygin – QSTN lead developer and back-end specialist, will be leading the integration and coding the RUST integration

Github -

Lafi Raed & Borhen Jlidi – QSTN junior developers and front-end specialist, will be leading the visual redesign for the NFT marketplace and related functionality

Grant Request

We are seeking $10,000 USD in order to accomplish the following goals

  • Finish the business portal so DAOs, businesses and protocols can create their own question portal and manage responses

  • Finish the NFT marketplace to expand our product offerings for users who wish to spend, swap or trade their credits

  • Budget to assist with marketing and PR costs to announce our upcoming NFT release and eventual platform mainnet

Help Requested

Besides the funds to assist development and help bring the complete product to market, we are seeking initial audiences and DAOs to test the business portal

We want to maximize our value proposition and define various ways to capture and report market research to business portal users

In addition we are seeking to collaborate with various DAOs and protocols to create unique digital art and collectibles we can offer in the marketplace

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