Funding Proposal: Product Resident ricepapi

I’m writing this proposal as a request to serve as a Product Resident of Diamond DAO for the next 3 months (Dec, Jan,Feb) with a proposed compensation of 4000 xDai a month (15-20 hours a week)

Up to now, I’ve helped contribute to Diamond DAO by building out the Governance Profile, the data entry app Diamond DAO is currently using to manually perform research on scrapped DAOs from DAOHaus and Snapshot.

In the next couple of months, I plan on contributing by playing an active role in developing the front-end of the Chainverse MVP as well as help build out any of the necessary integrations necessary to connect with our various data pipelines.

If there are any questions/comments/concerns, would love to discuss in the forum below.


Wanted to update this after discussing with @lemp.eth to change my proposed compensation to be 4000xDai + 30 shares over the month of Dec, Jan, Feb. If there is no disagreement in the proposed compensation I will post to DAOHaus in 48 hours.


Hey Andy,
Thanks for your many valuable contributions to Diamond DAO. I’m happy to hear that you will be sticking around with us as a Product Resident. I look forward to collaborating in the month ahead! Let’s go!.