Funding Proposal: MCON 2022


DAOhaus requested a sponsorship slot for the highly anticipated MCON that will be taking place September 6th-9th in Denver, CO. MCON 2 will bring over 1,000 humans together from across the MetaCartel and DAO ecosystems to engage in and be in community with one another.

In order to officially sponsor the event, Warcamp/DAOhaus is required to put up $10K DAl.

Opportunity for DAOhaus

  • DAOhaus will be free to decorate the venue with banners, branded assets, posters, flyers, swag/merch, and other marketing materials we wish to help support Brand Awareness at the un-conference.

What DAOhaus will gain by sponsoring MCON?

  • Main Logo Placement
  • A special shout out during the MCON opening ceremony
  • Guaranteed tickets for the core team
  • If a main sponsor hosts a side event, DAOhaus will be highlighted within those events as well.

Beyond Marketing

DAOhaus has the opportunity to support one of the most prized events among members of the MetaCartel community.

Besides the marketing boost that MCON could give DAOhaus, supporting MCON will prove that we stand by our community and are willing to put money toward creating spaces for like minded humans to come together and build, which speaks directly to how DAOhaus was created in the first place!

More than anything, this could be an opportunity to bring many communities that up until this point have been on the periphery together to explore possibilities of using our tooling - maybe we can gamify this or introduce some new experiment at MCON for all participants to join into that might enhance the event?

Closing Remarks

We have an opportunity at MCON to be more expressive and share about how DAOhaus plays a pertinent role within the community, whether as a tool for transforming the dynamics of ownership & coordination, or as representing a cultural movement for establishing an alternative mode for creating, retaining, and distributing value across humans trying to achieve collective purpose.

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Paying for parties is not a good use of our funds, imo.

All the t-shirts and posters in the world won’t help us right now. We need a product to shill before we get there. People need to see us deliver on our commitments.

We need to solutions that get funds flowing in, not out.

Hey thanks @burleebau for putting this together, the proposal was agreed to some time ago by the DAOhauser’s.

So this proposal is just a follow up, if ya’ll need to drop from MCON then we understand but this is not just a party :grimacing: MCON is the convening of the MetaCartel network from which DAOhaus was born.

Would be a bummer to not have your support and participation.

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If DAOhaus doesn’t sponsor the most impactful DAO event of the year, we are handing over the market to all the other DAO tools.