Funding Proposal - Knowledge Graph Residency (2 Months)

This is a proposal to serve as a knowledge graph resident for 2 months (Feb 14 - April 14) with Diamond DAO.

Contributions to Diamond DAO so far:

  • Hosted an intro to knowledge graph modeling workshop
  • Working on the development of Ontology V1 and coordinating with data engineers to ingest into Neo4j for V1 of our knowledge graph
  • Providing input to initial Neo4j Aura DB sizing
  • Creating and owning documentation for all things related to the Chainverse Knowledge Graph

Expected contributions during residency (not exhaustive):

  • Lead the design and build of the knowledge graph through MVP and further iterations
  • Provide input on technical decisions as it pertains to the knowledge graph and it’s supporting technology stack
  • Community building around the knowledge graph through discord and workshops
  • Create relevant documentation for the knowledge graph

Following Compensation Guidelines I would rate myself as cozy

  • Requesting $3200 xDAI + 30 shares per month from the community DAO, for an average of 10 hours per week

About Me:
I have been in the management consulting space for the past 10 years where my area of specialty has been data science and data infrastructure. The past 5 years I have been 100% focused on building out large scale knowledge graph applications for Fortune 100 companies. Currently I am a senior manager at my firm and lead our graph consulting business, managing multiple teams across a number of clients and industry use cases. Most of our work is in Neo4j. I have had a keen interest in the Web3 and crypto space for a number of years now and will possibly be looking to make the switch over. You can find my linkedin here. I have not done a conference presentation on graph applications since Covid started but I plan to get back to presenting industry use cases going forward.
If we haven’t met yet, please don’t hesitate to reach out! If you have any comments or feedback, looking forward to discussing them in the forum.

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