Funding Proposal - Drug Discovery via Ethereum Virtual Machines and Generative AI

Project Title

Alphunt AI


Blockchain-powered DeepMind for Molecular Simulation.
Alphunt AI is the DeepMind of molecular simulation. We will build a discovery platform solving the security, scalability, and ML technology challenges in the drug discovery domain and related industries.

Our customers are biotech and pharmaceutical companies, patient-centric organizations, and research institutions in the public and private sectors.

We will develop R&D collaborations with several global pharmaceutical and biotech companies and patient-centric organizations to create pipeline and new products through the use of our discovery technology. Our platform will provide superior security guarantees, data sharing and discovery capabilities and, thus, will be the product of choice for all pharma and biotech.


Bring about a golden era for the design of new chemicals, catalysts, and drugs via the use of blockchain to power privacy-centered machine learning and computational chemistry solutions.


Developing drugs for CNS disorders remains the most challenging area in drug discovery, accompanied with the long timelines and high attrition rates, according to the NIH. AI/ML‐driven solutions are demonstrating unprecedented potential to accelerate the process of CNS drug discovery with better success rate. Generative AI has only just begun to be introduced to the landscape, with models developed at universities, such as the DiffDock generative diffusion model developed at MIT CSAIL, already outperforming the strongest models accessible in industry, such as Google DeepMind’s AlphaFold. AlphuntAI will not only bring its own generative AI models to market, but develop a monetizable platform accelerating the responsible development of such models, via blockchain technologies.

Blockchain technologies will allow for our delivering secure, efficient, easy-to-maintain, and transparent data analysis for molecular simulation.

Several publications have indicated that replication difficulties persist in fields as diverse as computational chemistry, harmonic analysis, and neuroscience. Computational replication is often hindered by a lack of access to the original output data, input files, software, hardware, and workflow, which can be difficult to maintain over extended periods of time. Reliably storing and accessing data can also be complicated by scientific censorship. The immutability and tracking features of blockchain enable scientific replication and disintermediation without compromising critical IP.

Since drugs are high-value commodities, security is necessary to protect them. The cryptographic features of blockchain technology are the basis of safety and security in the pharmaceutical industry. Cryptographic technology enhances drug security. Security is bolstered against theft and the introduction of counterfeit pharmaceuticals. Unauthorized drug modifications are also mitigated, blocking opportunistic pharmaceutical stakeholders who modify drugs and, in this way, undermine quality.


Global pharmaceutical and biotech companies, patient-centric organizations, and research institutions in the public and private institutions will pay for a turn-key machine learning system via which novel therapies are generated reliably, predictably, and instantaneously to serve areas of greatest unmet medical need.

Product Features

**Alphunt AI is a research company building a molecular simulation platform using generative AI and blockchain technologies. Our initial application focus is on generative-AI-powered methods for drug discovery applied to central nervous system (CNS) disorders, with an additional focus on neurodegenerative disorders. In the long term, our platform will allow for developing and servicing models in all applications of molecular simulation, as well as monetization opportunities of data and platform capabilities, thus helping bring about the golden age for designing new materials, chemicals, catalysts, and drugs.

Among other methodologies, we will leverage generative AI to reliably simulate directed evolution in protein engineering.

Most neurodegenerative diseases are characterized by the intracellular or extracellular aggregation of misfolded proteins (Parkinson’s , Alzheimers, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis).

Our discovery platform will aid in developing novel enzyme inhibitors using state-of-the-art protein engineering techniques based on a specific protein that will block the enzymes that play a role in neurodegenerative diseases



We are pre-launch and pre-revenue but have strong testimonials and are interviewing with accelerators and organizing a pre-seed / angel round.


We’ve build smart contract prototypes for computational chemistry and secure data sharing. Also have built a prototype generative model.

Differentiation (from other projects)

There is no project building a turn-key blockchain and machine learning system for molecular simulation.


Alejandro ‘Alex’ Velez Arce

Grant Request $100,000

What the Funds Are For

Product development, hiring founding team

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See Github for founder portfolio and LinkedIn for references , background, etc.