Funding Proposal - Designs for outreach

We need clean + professional designs for outreach materials, including:

  • Pitch deck cleanup
  • Slide templates for use in future decks containing a ~dozen common slide types
  • Cleaning up the layout and design of the two-pager

These designs should be consistent with the upcoming v1 brand + marketing website.

I’m happy to be paid in DAO shares and will request 30 shares for the three items listed.

Concept 1 for the website, still a work-in-progress, shared below. Shared here for additional context on what a final product might look like for the brand, site, and outreach materials.

Fully support this. The website, 2 pager, and decks will be critical to professionalizing our image and communicating our vision. I support this proposal and would like to further integrate @adilmajid.eth into our product design process for Chainverse.

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