(Funding Proposal - Chainverse Community Manager UI (Chainverse MVP)

This is a proposal for the design work necessary to have an MVP user interface for Community Managers. This will be the first piece of designs for Chainverse.

The way we are currently viewing our build of Chainverse will be in two steps:

  1. Design and build datasets and an MVP product for viewing and understanding your DAOs performance across various metrics. Do this on a DAO by DAO basis.
  2. Once we pass a certain threshold of DAOs on the platform, start designing and building aggregate views that allow for analysis and exploration across the DAOs on Chainverse.

This project is for the design of the first item listed above.

The project will include the following pages / workflows:

  • An overview dashboard for viewing your DAO
  • Dedicated pages for Growth, Engagement, Governance, and Finances. (This list may change as we learn more from customers during the project)
  • The ability to explore + dive deep into each metric presented in the Growth, Engagement, Governance, and Finances sections.
  • A detail view for each persona / wallet we have data on.
  • The ability to tag each persona / wallet, and some implementation of using tags to filter views on other pages (details TBD).

This will enable a number of workflows, ranging from monitoring DAO health across various metrics, drill-down workflows for exploring why certain metrics are changing, and exploring DAO data down to the each wallet we have on-hand.

Two more notes:

  • The delivered UI components and UX patterns will be sufficiently extensible so that new metrics, DAOs, etc. will be easy to add in the future. This will be achieved by re-using or adapting UI components like charts, tables, page structure, etc. for future designs. This will likely shorten future design time by ~80% thanks to reusability, so consider it a bigger upfront investment to save time later.
  • The deliverable will establish visual design patterns for Chainverse which can be re-used in future UIs. This, again, should minimize future UI design work drastically by frontloading the work to this project.


The deliverable will be a set of mocks in Figma and a clickable Figma prototype. I will also work closely with devs throughout the process to ensure designs are inline with what we can immediately build and deliver.

Expected completion timeline for designs is 4-6 weeks. After delivery of the mocks, I’ll continue be in touch with the dev team as they build out the MVP to assist with answering any questions and to ensure a smooth handoff.

My background

I have designed the Diamond DAO website, pitch deck, and the initial vision mocks of the Chainverse UI.

More generally, I have been designing for data for over six years, first at a clinical health wearable company and now at Palantir. My experience with designing sophisticated data dashboards will allow us to move quickly towards an MVP.

Personal website: adilmajid.com.


Per conversations with amphiboly.eth and lemp.eth, I am requesting 25 shares and $20,000 for this design of our MVP.

Payment will be 1/2 upfront and 1/2 at delivery of final Figma assets. (For the shares, we can do 12 shares upfront, and 13 shares upon delivery).


@adilmajid.eth’s design work is super clean. Although it’s early days, I believe commitment to the community and the ability to deliver has been clearly demonstrated. I am FOR this proposal.

One question.

  • Just confirming, but the $20k and shares include Figma handoff and future support to dev team?

One thought.

  • I have mixed feelings on ~50% of the shares being granted on the upfront. I think in this instance, stick to the proposal as is. I am only leaning this way because of the demonstrated commitment to DD. I view this as a unique circumstance and typically would not like to give shares upfront. This type of request makes sense for people who have demonstrated 1) the ability to deliver and 2) commitment to the community.
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Also one last thing. It looks like in the original post the timeline was 4 weeks. I think it makes sense to provide a band, 4-6 weeks, but curious if a 4 week delivery is still your base case expectation. Cheers!

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Thank you @helmass!

To answer your questions:

  1. Yes, $20k+shares include Figma handoff and support to dev team. To be specific regarding dev team support, this would be for ensuring the prototype is understandable and ensuring that they have what they need to implement.
  2. Agreed regarding the shares upfront. I’m happy to modify this so that its dollar payment upfront and shares upon completion. @amphiboly.eth & @lemp.eth, any thoughts?
  3. Yes, I added a range in because it looks like there may still be some open questions on user stories and schema specifics. Assuming we are not blocked by anything on that front, we should hit four weeks (and maybe sooner).

Given track record for delivery (and expense of passing proposals in Diamond Bank right now) I support keeping the proposal as is.

I think we should all noodle on upfront/after the fact compensation (whether stablecoin/shares).

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Chiming in to support this proposal. @adilmajid.eth has demonstrated core commitment to Diamond DAO, built trust through high quality deliverables already, and this contribution will be a huge value add to our core MVP and beyond. In this situation, for this contribution, I support the proposal as outlined above.

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the proposal is posted here on DAOhaus: https://app.daohaus.club/dao/0x1/0x4dee5bb2e919c5c123b74e7919f6c1984a6bc349/proposals/14
cc: @amphiboly.eth @lemp.eth @helmass