Funding Proposal: Bankless DAO x DAOhaus Collab

Bankless DAO has been bootstrapping their publishing arm over the course of the past year, where today they are offering writing and publication services to the wider ecosystem of DAOs and web3 projects.

BDAO has published extensive research reports covering MakerDAO as well as product focused pieces like Tally’s Web3 wallet.

In the interest of growing adoption of DAO tooling and creating more synergy between DAO communities, I propose that DAOhaus funds a 2,000 - 3,000 word research article focused on the Yeeter as a innovative and powerful tool for communities to crowd-fund capital in a trust-minimized way.


Bankless DAO, and specifically the Writers Guild in BDAO, has established itself as a reptuable outlet for publishing content on behalf of its clients.

The content published by BDAO is posted to their new site. Once published on the site, content is syndicated out through their twitter which has 55k followers and included in the BDAO weekly rollup, which is sent through email to 11k readers.

One consideration we may have is that viewership on the new site is relatively low with only 300+ views for each of the pieces linked above.


Bankless DAO is interested in a collaboration with DAOhaus that gives BDAO readers exposure to the DAOhaus Yeeter.


BDAO’s focus for the first phase of this project will be to showcase the Yeeter, highlighting the ethos behind the project, the core functionality, as well as how communities are using it to support public goods funding. This would serve a manifold benefit, potentially driving more BDAO readers to using Yeeter and DAOhaus tooling.


After the groundwork has been laid, in phase 2 we are looking at a future partnership opportunity with BDAO, where the Client Services arm focused on Publication strategy could use the DAOhaus Yeeter to fund an Evergreen content flow such that readers who want to support web3 content publication can do so by yeeting and supporting the BDAO publication!

The appetite for this is relatively high, with members of BDAO energized and excited about the possibility of collaborating with DAOhaus.

Stray Thoughts

We might propose that for the first phase of this collaboration the team working on the Research piece (~5 people) work with DAOhaus to setup a DAO on Optimism, and we airdrop them tokens so they can commence work. We might even consider requesting Loot in exchange for the deposited capital (launching on Optimism might bring us more brownie points too!).

If this is something we are by in large in support of, I will make a suggestion to the BDAO Publication team that we create a DAO so we can dogfood this collaboration and help them to get their feet wet with our tooling. This way BDAO will have an easier time writing about the Yeeter.


BDAO is requesting a total of $2k USD, with 1k requested in DAI along with $1k USD equivalent in HAUS tokens.

Have a look at the Bankless DAO publishing Deck to get a better idea of how they are charging clients with respect to the final deliverable the team ships.

Questions or Suggestions

Feel free to provide feedback, ask questions, or offer suggestions in light of this proposal in the comments section below!


Not a bad idea, but we should figure out our own finances before paying for more initiatives. Also, this should coincide with a revamp of Yeeter.

Currently Yeeter lacks the features to go out there and compete alongside the other funding platforms. Should re-assess when we can rebuild Yeeter on V3.

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While I agree that our focus should be on our own finances, I would advocate that this is actually a means for us to get there.

At present, Yeeter is the only value generating app within the DAOhaus tool chest, and it has received little attention. If we drove even five $1M dollar projects there a month, we would collect enough to sustain development at our current burn rate of $150k a month.

While that estimate may not be realistic in a bear market, It could be a goal. I think it is worth our time to dedicate a fraction of our resources to revamping the Yeeter and getting it to the point where it is as easy to create a Yeet as it is to summon a DAO on DAOhaus v2.

If the features are what is limiting Yeeter from gaining the scrutiny and traction that we believe it deserves, then our focus should be directed at explicitly outlining the features we want to incorporate in the next version of the app.

Thanks for the reply @Jord ~

edit: It might be worth putting together a Project Plan for re-vitalizing the Yeeter, I would be happy to steward this, herding cats, putting together communications, coraling interested supporters/contributors, and shipping a v3 Yeeter possibly ahead of DAOhaus v3!

I think a focused project plan could be developed in line with feature development & delivery, but first I guess we would have to consider as a DAO if that is a direction we are interested in pursuing!

Seems pretty low cost to expose Yeeter to the Bankless community. Could this possibly be done through a proposal to the Yeeter DAO and funded through it?

That’s what my original proposal to BDAO was, but they were afraid that it could get confusing i.e (writing a research report on the tool that we are using to fund the project), albeit - maybe we can somehow negotiate that this is the best way to move forward if we want to get something out sooner rather than later.