Funding Proposal 22: HAUS Rewards Distro


Today, June 1st, 2021 marks the end of the first governance mining period.

If your DAO participated in meetings, voted on proposals, or tried to participate in governance over the past quarter and got in touch with us, you’ll see that your efforts are being rewarded through this distribution calculation.

Please keep an eye out as we’ll be making a formal proposal to UberHaus within the next few days to disperse payment to all of the DAOs that have proven their “active” status over this past 3-month period.

Check out Governance Mining to learn how to fill up your HAUS bags.

To learn about Rewards Eligibility :eyes:

We will be looking to increase the stakes for delegates over the next few quarters, so if you want to stay looped in and make sure your HAUS is secure, attend at least 1 meeting a month and vote on 50% of the proposals put forth to UH and you’ll be a’ok