🏰 Foundations Haus Keeping Jan. 12, 2021 Episode 3

:european_castle: Foundations Haus Keeping :european_castle:
Jan. 12, 2020 Episode 3

In this last month let’s really dig into the Foundations program and get seeding, farming, and earning those tractors!

Did you see the 400 drop of DAI in the Foundations Program?!?! Get seeding and farming to earn your shares so you can dip into the pool!

Current Bank Value: 433 wxdai

Single Share Value: 13.64 wxdai

Individual Owned Value: will depend on how many member shares you individually own



Join us Wednesday 1.13.21 at 12pm EST for the white glove experience to get all of your Foundations Program questions answered and level up!

Foundations Stats

As people are still returning from Holiday time off not much has changed but check the SourceCred Deets.

If you haven’t already, submit your proposals for shares you’ve earned. And use the {!join} command “again” to update your shares in the program, assuming you’ve earned enough shares to level-up.

Amount of Shares to Request:


Stay on the lookout for more quests to embark upon.

As always:

  1. signup for the newsletter (there may be future easter eggs in there)
  2. Onboard a n00b to the DAO
  3. If you haven’t done it yet, introduce yourself in discourse, and tell us a bit about yourself.
  4. Find and report a bug that you’ve found!
  5. Share any feature requests that popped into your head!


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