Flightpath proposal vote / bailout opportunity

The purpose of this vote is to approve the SAIAdao 2022 Flightpath document, (Arweave). This flightpath includes finalization of the legal structure of the dao as a limited liability company, and precludes the final steps necessary to transition to a fully Solana-native organization.

To underscore the long-term outlook of SAIAdao, we are offering the opportunity for any individuals who wish to do so by voting nay on this proposal. Any individuals that vote against this proposal will have their share of the dao’s assets liquidated and transferred to their Ethereum wallet, either on mainnet or Gnosis (formerly xDAI) at our discretion.

To determine what that exit value would be, individuals should log into the SAIAdao V2 Daohaus instance, and select VIEW MY PROFILE in the top right. From there, you will see your power, which is their pro-rata share of the dao’s funds. Here you can see my power listed as 1.5%.

Once you have your power percentage, multiply this with the SAIA.sol wallet’s net worth valuation on Step.Finance, which is currently valued at $218,713.40.

ex: 218,713.40 * 0.015 = $3280.701

The actual valuation used for exit calculations will be taken on the day that the proposal’s cooldown ends. As a reminder, the proposal voting period is set for fourteen days, with a one day cooldown following.

At that time, we will calculate the exact percentage of funds that need to be distributed, and will convert it to to USD in the following manner. First, we will liquidate any tokens that are currently being used in lending or staking pools, then we will convert any available ATLAS tokens from FLEET rewards. In the event that these funds are insufficient, we will then begin liquidating fleets, starting from the X4 and other xx-small ships, working our way up as needed.

In the event that this proposal fails to pass, members will have voted to dissolve the dao, and resources will be fully liquidated in a manner TBD.