[Discussion] Creating a broader ecosystem of Web3 Talent - inviting the community to participate

Hi DAOHaus community,

My name’s Andy and I’m the head of DAO product at Techtree, a startup company working on the bounty based value exchange platform.

TL;DR Summary

  • At Techtree we are building a mycelium network of Web3 Talent, helping DAOs hire and monetize on their community’s talent network
  • This network is made of individual talent branches i.e. local talent pools
  • Every DAO branch owner can set up a talent branch and invite its community members to join
  • Talent pool can be shared between communities to increase chances of successful hire
  • DAO branch owner can set up bounties for its roles to generate additional revenue for the DAO when a member gets hired
  • Techtree ranks talent so DAOs get access to high quality prospects coming from Web3 Communities, Web3 VC Portfolio companies and other DAOs
  • Always low cost thanks to decentralized nature, no need for intermediaries
  • Get in touch with Andy to have your DAO talent branch up and running

About us

Techtree is a platform, where users can monetize their personal assets such as personal networks, knowledge and reputation by helping other members of trusted networks (such as DAOs, VCs and their portcos, communities) they belong to. Our initial focus is one of key Web3 challenges - hiring. We believe we can scale the workforce of DAOs and žeb3 Communities by making it easy for their existing permanent workforce and larger community to refer talent to open positions while getting systemically rewarded.

We are already working with a number of VCs and their portfolio companies as well as Web3 Projects and are excited to pilot the model with top DAOs to help grow their workforce.

Team and Investors

  • Founding team : Pawel, Stanislas, Laurence
  • DAO Head of product : Andy (author of this post)
  • TechTree is backed by Notion Capital, Frontline Ventures, StakeDAO, Move Capital as well as the ex-CEO of Skype, ex-CTO of Workday, ex-CTO of Nutmeg, co-founder and ex-CFO of Monzo and ex-Head of Sales of Stackoverflow and additional great angel investors.

Successful Acquisitions & Bounties paid

  • Over 500k USD paid out in bounties
  • Companies backed by top investors such as A16Z, Sequoia, Index, Northzone, NFX, Advent or ecosystems like MakerDAO or Solana have hired tech talent through us .

User base

  • Live:
    • Inflection.xyz - leading Web3 European Fund
    • Tech Nation - Top UK growth programme whose alumni include almost 200 top tech companies including unicorns like Revolut, Monzo, Tessian, Paddle, Eliptic and many more
  • Waitlist / onboarding
    • VCs: Notion Capital, Polychain Capital, Frontline Ventures + 21 other VCs

Hiring Challenges in Web3

Effective, time and cost-efficient hiring of quality talent has been a challenge for Web3 space. A few most challenging issues are:

  • Slow and high cost to attract and hire Web3 Talent using agencies
  • Low trust in jumping for Web2 to Web3 for many talented developers
  • Apathy in potential candidates due to quantity-oriented hedging strategies by recruiters.
  • No systemic flow of talent between DAOs, Web3 Communities and VC Portfolio companies

Techtree Bounty Boards and Talent Branches

Community is Talent.

At the heart of Techtree are Talent Branches. Every talent branch is a talent pool of referred talent accessible for its select members e.g. hiring parties in the DAOHaus community.

Talent can be matched with a job in the community itself or can be made available for other communities allowing DAO to generate revenue stream from bounties.

Community members apply directly to the Talent Branch generic roles or get referred via sharable bounty boards - a simple listing of open jobs with their corresponding bounties.

Here are live examples of a talent branch and a bounty board

Clear bounty reward flow

Techtree model offers tiered rewards depending on the role you play for getting to the candidate who gets hired (Creators, Sharer, Referrer rights).

Additionally there’s a flat fee model. As Techtree we’re charging 15% on top of the bounty once talent gets hired. More information is available in the Mirror post here

Potential Benefits

It’s all basically about effective hiring while rewarding community for help.

  • Hiring is faster and cheaper with a systemic hiring reward system empowering the community
  • DAO members’ can start monetizing their personal networks
  • Value is retained within the ecosystem instead of paying intermediaries
  • Additional DAO revenue streams can be created by referring talent and collecting bounties within broader Web3 space
  • You help build an ecosystem of Web3 talent flowing seamlessly across different DAOs, communities and VC portfolio companies

Future of the Project

We are thinking of a number of features to include in the future releases. Here are some of them:

  • bounties locked in DAO native token (currently FIAT and USDC only)
  • profit pools shared among communities as Techtree starts generating profit
  • applying bounties to other ares including knowledge, sales, asset acquisition and more

What we ask of the community

We are looking forward to hear from the community about current DAO hiring needs and the potential of running a pilot project to help make hiring more effective across different projects in the DAOHaus ecosystem.

To run a pilot project we:

  • Create DAOHaus talent branch (or DAO-wide talent pool)
  • Help projects that are currently hiring set up their bounties
  • Start accepting talent in the DAOHaus talent pool for later monetization
  • Actively promote the talent branch throughout Techtree network

Since we already have a huge pool of talent sourced from a number of active talent branches, talent can flow from in and be readily available to hiring managers in the DAO. Likewise, by joining the branch members of the DAO can be made visible for hiring opportunities in the broader Web3 space while bounties are paid to the DAO.

We are more than happy to present Techtree to the community in more detail during one of community calls.

Thank you for reading the post.


Techtree Website
My mirror article detailing the Techtree Concept.