Discord Access & Permissions

In this proposal we will go over the DAOhaus discord permissions and attempt to provide a solution to how we are permissioning access to members of our community and folks looking to get more involved in everything DAOhaus.


This conversation bubbled up several weeks ago when a fellow contributor noticed that the Citadel Role within the DAOhaus discord gave individuals who hold +2,000 HAUS read-only access to all of the channels within our internal camps and across the entire server.

This was seen as problematic, as there was no communication that the Citadel role existed in the first place, either when onboarding or in the documentation. Without any clear communication about this upfront, our contributors were left with empty expectations of fidelity and the lack of assurance that our internal conversations were kept to us only.

The discussion unfolded and we began to discuss the ethics of having the Citadel role. It was agreed that without any way to identify who holds the Citadel role, that this could present vulnerabilities to the work we are doing, the culture we are creating, and could have unprecedented consequences.

Proposed Plan of Action

Synthesizing our conversation from the thread Citadel Access, there were some solid takeaways that we can refine here to present in the shape of a proposal to Warcamp.

In an effort to make our permissions more transparent for folks onboarding into DAOhaus, as soon as this proposal passes or gets rough consensus from the group, we will move to add information about the Citadel role to the documentation in the handbook section.

I propose that we preserve the existing requirements of the Citadel role (e.g. one must hold at least 2,000 HAUS tokens) with the caveat that in order to obtain the role Citadels have to introduce themselves in the discord telling us:

  • Why they support DAOhaus
  • How they got involved in DAOhaus
  • What they plan on doing once Citadel access is gained

In addition, I advocate that folks who do hold the Citadel role gain write-access to the channels, this way instead of hovering or pure surveillance, they can participate as a core contributor would.

Gated Channels / Black Boxes

I think there is an argument to be made for keeping some channels in the DAOhaus discord purely for core contributors.

The most obvious example is the Alchemists channel, as our conversations directly impact HAUS tokenomics and could effect very positive or negative outcomes for Citadel members who lurk and read conversations that are meant to be kept internal.

Some risks off the top:

  • front-running
  • alpha extraction
  • lacks full information resulting in poor decisions
  • dumping

If there are other channels you believe should be kept to the core-contributors only, please feel free to share them in the comments below!

General Permissions and Onboarding

Following up on general visibility and permissions to view and access channels within the DAOhaus discord, there has been a steady push for opening up DAOhaus to the wider community granting visibility into what we are working on within our camps and core working groups.

Here, I propose that we open up read-only access to anyone with 10-20 HAUS, achieving two objectives:

  • Give HAUS further utility
  • Provide wider access to the discord for community members

In addition, following up on the Discord Haus Keeping - I propose we create a channel for new folks coming in to introduce themselves as soon as they have selected a role within DAOhaus e.g (scholar, supporter, contributor, summoner).

This could be paired with the ability to access read-only channels across the discord, so that not only do you have to hold some HAUS but you also will have to be a known member to access what we are up to.

Please feel free to suggest modifications or changes in the comments below, thank you!


I want to add another step to this process that grants read-only access after the user has acquired enough HAUS and wrote their introduction.

The same process can apply for those with the Citadel role with the exception that Citadel introductions will be made in a separate channel from the general introductions.

I suggest we use a #getting-started message similar to the #👋welcome message, at the top of the circles category that users have to add a reaction to such as a :european_castle: emoji to gain access to the core camp channels, this would allow us to provide at the outset an overview of what the channels are about providing context to the new member. This way, folks can have expectations about what to see in each of the channels and under the core camp category.

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Thank you for championing this, Bau. I strongly support the proposed solution.

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kagami here, just wanted to add some context on how helpful read-only is for some communities:

  • ZenAcademy is an NFT project that’s leveraged “read-only” access to its server since the early days. Essentially anyone can learn about NFTs, read the “alpha” chats, and get a feel for the community vibes. It allows people to determine if they want to fully buy in prior to purchasing the genesis NFT (around 0.30 ETH right now and minted at 0.03 ETH). For the project, it’s been the perfect way to demonstrate the value of the community and likely generate longer-term buy-in.

  • As someone currently deciding how much I want to contribute to DAOhaus, having read-only access is huge. While the amount of information feels a bit overwhelming, it also gives me the ability to understand exactly what I’m getting into and where my skill set fits best.

  • This was a similar conversation that happened in another DAO I contribute to. The inner workers of the server were gated behind collab.land for this season and it made it feel like there wasn’t much happening in the DAO. While daily updates were helpful, they felt like they saw a drop of in community/activity that led them to reopen things.